Nguyen Enron mostAfter face full of eyes looking forward, in fact, more than two pairs, plus less obvious side Luo Ying semi-double.

  Nguyen Enron in the heart with a sigh: “That.Respectful than from life, trouble Miss Xia lead the way.”
  Anyway, she saw Sun finished the director to leave.
  Sun director who is never let go of non-stopping people.
  Summer still clear eyes suddenly lit up: “Miss Nguyen, please.”
  Sun went to see the director, Liu Mao and Luo Ying is not convenient to go together.Nguyen with Enron on the floor behind the summer still clear, at the corner of the stairs when seen to be standing still and the Luo Ying Liu Mao.
  Liu Mao being earnest face with eyes to indicate that she would take the chance.
  Luo Ying sister being in a style full of fans looking forward to the worship and looked at her as if her down the stairs again be able to get any great achievement.
  Nguyen Enron: “.”
  Enron quietly turned Nguyen.
  Construction of the second floor of the store is much more complicated than the lobby, hallways very tortuous.Nguyen followed Enron Xia Qing still go for a while it stopped in front of a room of a VIP.
  Xia Qing still on hand on the door handle is preparing to open the door, but paused final result.
  Nguyen Enron looked a little unclear so her back look, this will focus attention on the door, heard the conversation clearly enough sound coming out of the door.
  A somewhat harsh female voice vagueness said: “Sun guide, ah, this is really not what we do not give your face!You hire the actors in this book how difficult, how do you say it more clearly than we are not?We did it look on your pay and affectionate envy, this is willing to use the service you are one, let Fifi to star in the female lead, is purely friendship assistance to paycheck that is friendship price, you ask the other Fifi’s crew came to us, which is not your paycheck to two or three times to start ah?”
  Girl talking on the wronged: “We took such a low point to not go any lower money to save wherever he goes to you, but that you give us a moment to mention this requirement, give us a moment to menti杭州桑拿洗浴on that requirement, You talk about this thing you are wrong is not wrong ah?We Fifi push the book so many high paycheck, specifically to help give you the results that you not only do not appreciate, but can even blame on us?”
  A somewhat older man opening sound faintly coldly: “Cattle Fifi paycheck is not a friendship price I do not know, I only know that the cattle Fifi paycheck is the highest of all the actors inside the crew, because my play is the big drama care of the household, cattle Feifei played the heroine is.Fee is not low to no longer low, I do not know, I only know that for the time cattle Fifi for this is the highest paycheck she received a.”
  Another female voice prettily spoke up: “Sun guide, Hu sister to speak to her directly, you are more considerate and understanding, she did not mean it.Hu sister mean, now th杭州桑拿洗浴at you demand of us more, and more labored for much, and now that my paycheck is not should also be properly added a plus?”
  Summer still clear: “.”

  Paul Chun after his body lay just feel comfortable with some of the pain of those who are slowly pulling the wound is no longer arrogant, ease down.

  ”How do you like the junior sister apprentice?”
  In fact, Paul Chun quite understand Linxuan month, know Linxuan month most worried about is her junior sister apprentice.After completion ask this, Lin Xuan month there is a clear expression of coagulation, but also Paul Chun know about it after all this time to solve the.
  ”You have to go back and do the martial art?”
  Paul Chun Lin Xuan month really know this is beginning to make themselves faced, in fact, has been pushing his junior sister apprentice before her, it is not considered to finding a solution, but is a little escape implication in.
  Qin Pei now is to get her to face this thing, then the real fix it.

  ☆, Chapter two hundred forty-two should not escape

  ”To be honest, I really do not know how to do?”
  She is a martial art about the place, but now she really is no way to go back to the martial art which helped Lin Mei beads do some things.
  Those things past left her shadow too tragic, and now Linxuan on the heart are dead.
  She could not find hope to live, and most importantly, she has not put their grievances to understand.Sects things are because of his sky, she could not go on letting it all.
  ”I know.”
  Paul Chun looked Linxuan month, she knew she should be forced to Linxuan months of little anxious.She then slow breath against Linxuan month, said: “If you do not think well how to do, then so be it temporarily on the first, not too forced himself.”
  ”No, this thing after all was a result of.”
  Lin Xuan suddenly like a month made up his mind against the Paul Chun says.
  ”It’s something you Shengtang night before, and I had already talked to junior sister apprentice.And things have almost, but I have not told her my final decision, before, I have been hesitant, but now I’ve got my final decision.”
  Lin Mei Lin Xuan month after Pearl speak out against talking about real things, Lin Mei pearls have unprecedented actually on the nod.
  But Linxuan month does not know that his sist上海419论坛er beads junior sister apprentice forest before coming to see her, her heart also a lot of disputes, and then she finally decided how to do.
  In fact, this is Lin Mei Han Yu cloud bead thank reasons, but for Han Yu cloud of such things, she would not think to understand their ownLie to me, obvious to see that this is a fight to get the.what happened?”
  If Jiangxia Xiong Baba, Liu Nguyen also know how to deal with, at the moment the eyes of her concern, Liu Nguyen lowered his head, “I’m sorry, I lied..I’m not a bad girl, Sciascia, you do not hate me.”
  What do you see such a sensitive Liu Nguyen, Jiangxia can say?
  ”Beware of cold, we take a bath, wait a minute to say about it.”

e, “Yan Jingyang just words mean ah, exc北京夜生活网iting moment, you have to get engaged or married yet?”Her face surprise and excitement.

  ”No, do not listen to him.”Don crisp little face pale red stained thin.
  After the completion of the speech, Yanjing Yang returned to the background, he declined the school’s mealAfter the bureau, next to a woman suddenly stopped him.
  ”Mr. Yan, hello, just on stage I give you flowers.”Dong Huanhuan already own in exchange for clothes, long hair also put down, a little more mature sexy charm, this school Sentimental boys are the most attractive.
  ”I just listened to Mr Yan said that this year will be the school recruit in our schools, I do not know, I can not ask for a Mr. Yan your business card?”
  ”Can not.”A man’s voice was low and elegant, but with a pleasant chill.
  Dong Huanhuan Somewhat taken aback, to react, her look has not c杭州桑拿hanged, after all, a man of such quality is not the same as those in the past, should be proud of, cold is normal, that is, that such men are challenging.
  ”I hope that time to have this luck, you can go to work in your company.”Dong Huanhuan hunkered down.
  Yanjing Yang looked at her coldly, “As long as we have the strength of company personnel, do not rely on luck.You blocking my way up.”
  Dong Huanhuan not without a wink, she could see the man in front of her is really not interested.Although she is not looked to see what the Mighty, but met her man, she will be at least another eye treatment, and this always strict, but like the blind in general, and did not look her in the eyes.
  Had she Ceguo body.But the next second, she saw his face just also cool man, the moment his face was downcast, between Jun cold gentle color looks infected.
  She raised her eye, down the man’s eyes looked over and saw a girl came over, delicate little face, such as would give birth to light, people move not opening the eyes, she knew, this girl is Don Crisp.
  ”How come you did not tell me the lecture?”Don Crisp walked past,

  What can you say Qi Yue, nature is flattering, and then coaxed these days if he agreed with empty, to accompany her in a leopard to go into the mountains,.

  Yu Guoqing nodded: “OK, ah, I have been thinking repay flowers, I went next door to the village to see if someone did not slaughter pigs.If not, tomorrow is just Terakado of Wei, Wei I catch.”
  ”Then I’ll tell you a rush Fair.”Qi Yue some small excitement, she came through for so long, have not been to the fair yet.
  A free market where the locals call it fair, in fact, the village eight miles spontaneous formation of the lunar calendar every thirty-five eighty percent Fair Day, is termed the nearby villagers rush to the temple gates of Wei Wei.
  Fair catch more or less people will bring their own surplus farm products to the dike on the exchange, it does not belong to speculation, so there is by default.
  Of course, you can also use the money to buy, but too few people in rural areas could get money, and occasionally there will be people who come to town to buy some eggs, rice and the like, but when talking about price and pay some of the action will be taboo.
  If someone needed money and other end less than to kill a pig, pork mostly can not be sold in the village, so they pulled onto a dray Fair.
  The next day, followed by Qi Yue Wei Yu Guoqing catch, half way to run a middle-aged villager push scooters, in addition to half-board car fan pork, as well as a pig.
  Qi Yue glad to directly negotiate with that villagers bought the pig, but also to buy ten pounds of rib meat, when being asked the price, to be side-tracked behind Yu Guoqing, he was smiling, red meat humanity: “ZhuTouRou cheap, rib bones pressure scale, you can give a fellow Nett, or I went to go elsewhere on the dike.”
  Meat people heard that, you know than the asking price in front of the young girl difficult to fool, but managed to run into a rich look to the Lord, maybe the city to the countryside with relatives playing, so he tempted and he said: “you buy more, I am sure to cheaper.This pig rump by half after the count, although the rib bones above but meat is best pigs, not cheaper.”
  Yu Guoqing snorted, interrupted him: “The meat on the ribs are the best, most thin, but we do not like to buy lean meat countryman, but the net buy lug fat.Fellow, you are not solid, ah, my niece and I went on a dike around.”
  Having called on Qi Yue left.
  Meat people anxious, busy pulling him up: “young man you do not go first, and then we talk about.”
  ”Talk is useless, I do not tell people not to buy something solid,.”Yu Guoqing cheeky intolerance, stroked each other’s hands.
  ”Solid, solid, but my people again.Lao Shu just only when you are in town down, thinking you might prefer lean meat.Hey, is my bad eyesight, young man you do not get mad, you offer, if appropriate, give your old uncle.”Butcher of the people he sent each of the offerings.
  Yu Guoqing eyes flashed light, a little weight he reckoned that pig directly to each other gestures of a “cross” gesture, the butcher’s face suddenly turned into a bitter, repeatedly shook his head: “No, no, this dude I would at home about (too tender, twenty-foot half kilogram, plus pounds of ribs, you only have ten dollars to a sum of old uncle died, however, you add two dollars.”
  ”Not a plus, even if you feel inappropriate.”Qi Yue Yu Guoqing called away, and then go into not any.
  Butcher who pulled him complained: “Lao Shu home the money urgently, the elderly sick to go to clinic to see a doctor, another month at home two cubs have to go to school tuition, on the whole, pointing to meat that money, you epigenetic Adds some money on, not two Tim, Tim is also a five-line.”
  Yu Guoqing seem to be impressed by his words, he nodded and said: “There is a little under the old Lao Shu hard, and I understand you, because I have above his aging mother to support, although not below the Cubs, but I have two nieces a nephew tuition fees have to dig me, ah, this is really not enough money.”
  Butcher who was choking him, over his eyes fell upon Qi Yue, hesitated authentic: “This young lady is your niece, right?She would also like to go to school?”
  Qi Yue perfect background to do, smile silent, looking at his face with emotion Yu Guoqing nodded: “Yes ah, she has a year of high school, when I can上海夜网 loose a lot of relief.”
  Meat people hollow laugh or two, no longer playing emotional card, only to grind with him over the price.
  Yu Guoqing with no lost people talk about price, not a rival meat natural person.The end result is the addition of five cents Yu Guoqing, but later agreed to butcher people down from the dike, they will buy the pig and ribs directly to the grandmother at home.
  Qi Yue Chong Yu Guoqing Baoquan grin mouth called “admire”.
  Yu Guoqing look good enough, and teach her: “After learning the point, do not be silly pit people.”
  Qi Yue represent taught, nodding as pecking rice, let him pointing two strokes, Yu Guoqing told her all the way to talk about price some tips, and mention some of his previous experience on the black market.

  ”Zancun the king branches, while back not to get back his parents back in town yet?Wang encouraged the king two pock on Laoshuan they go to the city to find king branches trouble, but did not expect to be king sticks to expose their homes trafficking in women, together with the king, the king Laoshuan a pock with being locked up in the yard Bureau.”

  ”As king, pock even accomplices are not really, shut for a long time to put him out.”
  ”Previously baby pigs they do not mind, look after the king two pock ran toward the town every few days, secretly followed behind him went to the city, I found that every time he went to a black eye is the same man, also bring state-run restaurant for dinner.”
  ”Pig baby brain alive, slipped to steal hear them say ‘this behavior is public property we dig up their own pockets’, is to punish the.”
  ”Pig baby afraid of the king two pock recognize him, listened to so few hurried back to tell me.”
  ”Unitary brother, I gnaw the more refined the more I had something wrong with it?”
  Ding sideways shoulder, remove the basket back in the sun on sunny field spread greaseproof paper cloth, pour the sweet potato smoothing.
  ”Said the collective economy is on our team,” dig nourishing small “speculation is an enhanced version of the charges, tail when you clean past entrainment of smuggled goods is not?”
  Shouhou an anxious, pulled fingertips whitening Daniel sleeves, “not to say that this is a legitimate thing?Why so serious than speculation?Unitary brother, Nazan supposed?Or hurry back to inform aunt who killed the chickens?”
  ”After leaving the tail was previously wipe you clean, I will follow the mule team to buy agricultural products when it is long that in mind, loving brother and now even they do not know that I have and then sell the stuff we own.”
  ”Is legal, we are selling the mountains, the ground of non-food produce food.”Ding stood up, pulled out a silver and cotton tape from his backpack and carrying a skinny, the” village every household raising of chickens is not excessive adult pigs as long as we can keep on, turn in the task pig, even if we raise find out more all right.”
  Shouhou still can not be assured, asked, “Nazan also now not doing vermicelli Well!”
  Ding: “Those who do not belong to food classification, the most considered a staple food.”
  Bent knees to sit down and find out needle and thread, start sewing quilts lazy cut into the shape of silver tape edges, pinch the eye of a needle covered with slender fingers on the cloth, and some have become dark red scar point, some still bright red blood spots.
  Wind standing uprig南宁桑拿ht silver tape version, the cotton plug, not only wind but also warm, when sewn at the four corners, the lazy comes glove scrim tape length, based on the front bicycle, so that the cat will not need to walk the commute.
  This is the village he saw the man clothed anti-wind, draw inspiration enough to test, because it is side to side try to improve the waste several pieces of old clothes, old clothes before running out, he finally came up with both wind energy, but the body is not bound by any time can be separated from the personal style.
  Cat beauty, then go back to get people switching point catcher white rabbit skin.
  Silver cloth with white rabbit side, do it should not be ugly.
  Cat skin was white, sure to suppress silver.
  Ding Qin Zhao mouth smile trance of thought, gentle eyes upon her needle mend.
  ”Unitary bro北京夜网ther!Unitary brother.”
  Ding back to God, to see the face Shouhou enlarged conspire in front, palm immediate shake out blur.

  This look, let Meng Wei suddenly will want to say swallowed, bow my head with trotting behind, repeatedly self-hypnosis mind up: Anyway, the front did not take long coming!

  River Habitat homes until the back, with Meng Wei Ye Zichuan went straight to the library.
  Just behind looking at Ye Zichuan go so fast, quite a kind of menacing posture, therefore Mengwei looking unsightly to see Ye Zichuan seated, he picked up the book blocking his face, this light relief.
  Meng Wei is the first time so gingerly, as if afraid of accidentally breathing heavy, and would call the little Duke angry.
  Glanced back left standing outside the den Fang Yuan, although the figure tall, but he Mengwei but almost forgot – and sure enough, a little Duke angry. Surrounded by a creature are not close up.
  Meng Wei went straight to her vacated in a small shelf on top of the pen and ink, paper and ink out, ready to practice word again, try to reduce their sense of presence and then go to the little Duke when it should calm down?
  August hot weather, Mengwei touches a lot of calm, read, read it just felt wrong up.
  Suddenly, she shivered, knew where the right: how to write the more the more she felt the cold?
  Do the authors of this calligraphy meditation so well?
  If this allows the August weather becomes like winter, save her past life feelings of wages to buy air conditioners are white buy?

  ☆, 95 palace Jour

  Meng Wei could not help put down the brush, he rubbed his arms, towards that ‘air-conditioning’ sources looked almost out of control shouting small Shenyang mantra – Oh mother, you ah!
  Fortunately, Meng Wei think the identity of two people in a timely manner will not curb exports, then, put on a pleasing smile: “Little Duke, but there is nothing to be told slaves to do?”
  Just reading Ye Zichuan, I do not know when the hands of the already closed his book and put them aside, but at the moment Ye Zichuan look straight at him, looking gloomy, and sent engraved ‘I’m not happy’ words, if it is that’s a pre广州桑拿网tty gloomy faces of these buffers a lot, is not she wants to reflect on their own do not know when, what has been done wicked, people dig graves things?
  Ye Zichuan cool looked at her, I do not know why, Meng Wei actually feel little Duke Resentment eyes a hint of feeling, but the next moment she turn this idea to throw off.
  Are you kidding?
  The capital blessed the crowd in the palm of their spoiled little Duke’s second-generation ancestor, how could expose the kind of palace Jour have eyes?
  She must have been wrong, yes, she must be wrong.
  Meng Wei heart think so, my eye can not help but glance at Ye Zichuan, still see that look, she instantly changed the sound, the brain sprout had a fantastic idea: This is not like her little Duke , what the soul is to wear it?
  And still possessed Jour!
  A little distracted, you g北京会所体验网et a feeling of light reminding us of scenes in real terms, as if you want her pieces, which is what in the end what hatred resentment?
  ”Little, little Duke, do you have anything you want to eat?”

  Emperor heard this, but black face.He stared bitterly Meng Tong, to discuss if it is in any case said they do not export the.

  Ling this girl a guy would have ill-wishers, people are now unmarried couples, two horses one person one, this is the proper meaning, although he was envious of the big black, but that does not mean they take the Sipilailian ho wins.
  Allow the emperor to eat turtle, that was thousands of years, a rare spectacle.
  Queen want to laugh and not laugh, several princes, the princess and the princess quickly bowed his head, anger the emperor Shen Papi.
  Only six yuan Prince music Aung face, round yo eyes wide open look at a moment Meng Tong, looked at another emperor, a curious baby look.
  Emperor also be able to tune can be extended, given no support has been good horse, to discuss their own to support the pill is the same.
  Emperor black face, direct command Meng Tong, “I do not want your two horses, but horses you that I have to give a few bottles of pills in her hand, I did not give now refining, as tiger meat you want, I let you go hunting.”
  Meng Tong blinked, immediately Lianrong sit solemnly said: “Fu Huang, saying brothers out afterwards, Er Chen family property is thin, we may start with the good, this time to give away pills Er Chen.”
  Good emperor insurance is not one of her gas down Yang, Meng Tong staring at heart: you take Private 10.002 million, but also the nerve to say that they have healthy thin?
  Tiaoqi Mei Meng Tong, Jan-chin stare back, meaning that the emperor is plain, however: you have taken my wealth 70,002,000 witch door, and then have the nerve to take advantage of me?

  ☆, 548 prescription

  Emperor of thick skinned and then, at this time can not help but have a kind of feeling guilty.He was a wealthy monarch of a country, but also most of the people just took martial reserves, if then taking advantage of people in this little cheaper drugs, and indeed a bit too much.
  Emperor stiff straight face, blowing gruff beard and said: “you know you love this girl is preoccupied, I a rich country, that you could be suffering a little drug money?”
  ”That Great.”Meng Tong clapped his hands facial features curved smiles:” Er Chen pharmacy that there is room in there ready to sell pills sinews and bones, inventory there should be twenty boxes, a box of thirty pills, the cost is a box of two hundred, as Er Chen that the shop’s treasurer to sell a box of how much others, Er Chen is not known.
  Fu Huang is their own people, you buy this pill Er Chen only cost you a one percent interest, you see how?”
  Emperor snappily said: “But a few hundred two things, I did not have to be mean, I absorbed five percent interest you, you big Huangxiong, two and three-Huangxiong Huangxiong presumably want, that you let your shop treasurer these physical health of bone pills away and go back and I will send you Huangxiong who go from shop where you buy, so it became a total?”
  She took the silver 70,002,000, but only five percent of her uniform Lee, Tong Meng will not thank the emperor..But to have five percent profit is better than nothing, Meng Tong smiling keen on the idea and said: “into, Er Chen afternoon on a return to the city ordere都市体验网d down.”
  See the emperor and Meng Tong finished the thing to buy pills, the Queen will change the subject, look Chee Meng Tong detailed look at, laughed, “You kids really, just before the child hurt his hand, went so far today run support to participate in arts riding a large majority, in case if the wound opened, and how can got?”
  Lee holding a veil Yanzui laughed: “Wong Mei This is also skilled are bold, her horse stallion run just like a gust, the name of the horse that you are the son of the far left behind , Mu really is evil others do.”

t like a南宁夜生活网 child generally pleased.

  Zhang Yuyu also kept on waving their gold and silver jewelry, stop looking, like how never see enough of the general.
  Although Kosumi also willing to buy, but for these things ** compared to Zhang and Zhang Yuyu really want a lot of light on.
  Probably because once had these, so once again just one more time to have a “get rich with their own hands,” the sense of accomplishment, freshness is not at all the.
  ”If you like it, and so over the years we have another look at the Tainan.”Sumi thought, and he said.
  ”Fast leave, something so old also bought?”Zhang waved his hand to make Sumi quickly shut up.
  She does not say, leaning against the carriage, from time to time opened the curtain look out the window, outside the cold breath of fresh air for this child to go home looking forward to more of the.
  ”杭州桑拿Is he really a child Mind?”

  ☆, six hundred and eighty first chapter: Back Zhujiazheng

  Sumi look out at the scenery, he smiled and shook his head.
  At this point, it is already going to the Zhujiazheng.
  Sumi called Zhang Yuyu: “Jade Yujie, you pack up those things first, if not rare enough, then go home again, we are going to Zhujiazheng, and you do not want to eat hot pot?”
  ”Ouch?To do so soon?This trail ye 杭州桑拿so fast?I thought this guy had left half of it!”Zhang Yuyu was still in his hand he carried a pair of earrings not stop looking, Sumi hastily looked vaguely remember, the earrings, she seems to be out of view has been repeated seven or eight times, and did not even look enough, do the authors is in the end how many pieces there are put above rubies must remember it clearly?
  ”To Gather up.”
  Originally, in time to see things like, no matter how much people will like a kid, there is no difference.
  ”It was probably the reason for too long without eating hot pot, the more is coming home, I’m more happy.”
  Sumi looked Zhang Yuyu rush those things withdrew his burden, watching Zhang, in the direction of Sumi’s Knut mouth: “Mother, you see, my sister said, This is the same with the children, you do not believe it!You Chou Chou,

  But Aoyama lay people, although the foul temper point, for those who do make his trip to the College rehabilitation centers, this point of view is a rewarding virtuous people in Germany, which Jin Yu is also a bit more respect for him, those harsh words negligible.

  Jin Yu bring the meat statistics a bit, eat meals is almost, but she estimated that those who made the evening if toxic, it can eat less, plus the College kitchen always had food, enough the.
  With Jin Yu Li Wenxuan after being called to go into the kitchen to help, since it is said to be a natural to do poetry look out, Li Wenxuan going to help entertain, take the time Jin also days away, leaving Muzi and Jin Yu busy in the kitchen.
  Chef academy is mentoring four, Da Guocai do is no problem, but today is the landlord of the town not on the table a bit.
  So Yu Jin did not let them into the mentoring hostile, but is relieved, simply put guests dishes are handed over to Jin Yu.
  ”These girls have a Laojin.”A typical cook a rounded body, face and lovable master chapter of friendly road.
  ”Most chapters also rely on your master, the college also has a College of the rules, along with the line from simple.”
  I believe Aoyama lay a start there are bound to pay attention to elegant Italian men of letters, something luxurious touches can push,.
  This precious ingredients Jin Yu get it out, let alone elega北京夜网nt Italian fine.
  ”Muzi, or you can also go out for a walk!”
  Lunch time still early, but something that should be ready prepared, Jin Yu would like to use an old pumpkin to make a light soups, one person, one small cup fresh and refreshing, with Lucai could not be better.
  Pumpkin bigger than the old tubs, weight is not light knife cut a little effort, in order to maintain the image in front of Muzi, Muzi Jin Yu wanted to go around.
  ”This I have to cut it!What you want to cut.”
  Muzi took a kitchen knife peeler Jin Yu, the action neat not lost Jin Yu.
  ”Blocky, two fingers wide enough.”
  Muzi looked fully capable, Jin Yu assured of the pumpkin at his disposal, to turn himself busy that pot of fish, just let little light apprentice master chapter Deal.
  The kitchen BU’d tube enough, no other spices, fortunately Jin Yu took some cooking spices will use, but the fish was almost fishy, orange tree to tree in the yard picking up four or five the green Paper, not much bigger than oranges come in two thumb.
  In chapter master mentoring curious sight, Jin Yu pour the orange wash chopped meat to marinate, to see everyone stupefied.
  ”Today there is no hurry to bring more seasoning, this is the good way to fish fishy, after you master chapter can also be used with.”
  Oranges by hand and shochu mix the steak, the full absorption of these seasoning just let go, looked up and suggested she look like monsters around mentoring several people, well-intentioned Jin Yu.
  ”It’s good fish, whole eat it so many strange taste?”The speaker was the smallest chapter apprentice chef, who also outspoken small, the master and several brothers then came out to ask.
  ”While I do fish, little brother will know the taste.”Yu Jin is not angry, with a smile.
  ”If ruined fish, vegetables and today’s one less, and that time can not be too ugly.”
  ”Do not worry!Not bad.”
  ”Do not talk nonsense pony, Jin girl can do it naturally with confidence.”Master Zhang Jin Yu timely opening to the rescue Road.
  Jin Yu no hurry to explain, such as fried fish pot there an hour, that time will naturally see the outcome.
  The emphasis is on fresh pumpkin soup, Jin Yu did not add any seasoning in it, maintaining its own sweetness.
  Muzi doing things has always been strict, cut the pumpkin heads are normal size, Jin Yu directly pot do not change the knife.
  Then there is a cut Lu Cai, Jin Yu my heart a little bit estimate how many people, eating is an independent academy desk case, twenty-eight posts, a count table, with Aoyama lay, Li Wenxuan also a guest a few days a celebrity Lin Zhenchang et al., third with 15 copies of enough, for fear that time is still wrong Jin Yu put the 40 daily dish.

All ordinary people as former spiritual power who, as a soldier, and his mental strength so that nuclear impaired people truly become ordinary people, force is no longer recovers.

The most critical is his life, ordinary people to unlock the genetic lock, after the age of death will greatly push longer maintain strong build body in middle age, and his spiritual power as nuclear fragmentation, than the average person’s death even earlier.

Han Ji Yuan almost imagine, everyone is above him, even before the family maid.

Han Ji Yuan before even thinking about why not to kill Zhao Youxuan, when he still has the strength when.

And now.Zhao Youxuan is the whole object of federal protection, the federal light, he even paid all the costs, I am afraid nor can she pull do广州桑拿网wn.

Han Ji Yuan in mankind fell into carnival time, like a frightened rabbit by the.

Ye Xin Yan’s life is not good, she almost certainly Zhao Youxuan their leaves families, but whether it is federal or Royal gave warning leaves home.Zhao Youxuan their existence can not touch.

And all the people can unlock the genetic lock, awakening the spirit of power, those who can afford the cold before family and useless, leaves home disintegration will be seen in their lifetime.

Her husband seems to have become a waste, Ye Xin Yan Han Ji Yuan have discovered is a real idiot, do not have the strength of God of War.

And now.

Ye Xin Yan wants a divorce.

With the beginning of change in the situation, everyone is a spiritual force who everyone is Psionicist, leaves home to former glory will be rolled Clean.

Lock unlo北京桑拿ck the genetic, life expectancy will increase greatly, she leaves home, no need to continue the so-called cold and Ji Yuan bound together.


Han Ji Yuan heard the requirements of Yan Ye heart, mind was actually a loose, so finally there is a feeling of suddenly.

“it is good.”He is a waste, how could someone willing to waste together.

Han Ji Yuan suddenly thought of music Xiaorong, even if she is not willing to waste it together.

Han Ji Yuan rising fro