[How to make 8 inch yogurt cheesecake?

]_ Production method _ home practice

[How to make 8 inch yogurt cheesecake?
]_ Production method _ home practice

In daily life, people usually go to the cake shop to buy cakes to eat. Some kind of birthdays, friends will buy birthday cakes for Shou Xing. In fact, the meaning of making a cake yourself will be more different. I recommend it for everyone today.Yogurt cheesecake. This kind of cake looks very beautiful and tastes very good. Let’s teach everyone how to make eight-inch yogurt cheesecake.

The practice of 8-inch yogurt cheesecake: 130 grams of cheese, 110 grams of homemade yogurt, 60 grams of granulated sugar, 50 grams of unsalted paste, 5 eggs, 70 grams of low powder, 30 grams of corn starchUntil softened, add yogurt and beat well.

2. Add egg yolks and beat.

3, add melted fat and beat well.

4. Sift into low flour and starch and mix well.

5. Mix neutral protein.

6, into the mold, bake with water (the most continuous baking pan, filled with water in the baking pan, the penultimate layer is placed on the grill, the mold is placed on top) 160 degrees 10 minutes, 150 degrees 80 minutes 8 inches yogurt cheesecakeAfter crushing the cookies, mix them with a small amount of flour, spread them in a mold, and set aside.

Put the cream cheese in the Depp microwave oven for 1min and remove.

Add the cream cheese and sugar to a mixing vessel and mix slowly.

After one egg is added and mixed well, add all the eggs in turn and stir well.

Slowly add the yogurt while mixing.

Add the whipped cream slowly while mixing.

Add the melted fat to the mixture and stop the machine. Add the starch and stir by hand.

Pour into the mold after sieving.

Turn the Depp oven to the “grill” position of 170 degrees, place it in the lower layer, and heat for 90 minutes.

Bake until the skin is golden brown, freeze in the refrigerator for three hours, and cut into pieces.

Precautions Do not whipped the cheesecake quickly during the process of making the cheesecake, otherwise the product will crack and affect the effect.

Biscuits can be whole-grain biscuits or digested biscuits, put into a fresh-keeping bag and grind and crush them into powder.

Butter and cream can be melted in a microwave oven. Pay attention to the time.

Eight-inch light cheesecake (yogurt version) steps: 1.

Melt the cream cheese, add white sugar, beat with an egg beater, add yogurt, and mix well, then add the melted paste and stir.


Then add the egg yolks in turns and mix well, then add the low powder and mix gently.


Preheat the oven.

Add the salt and white vinegar to the egg whites. After the egg whites are beaten to the coarse foam, add the sugar in three portions and beat until wet foaming.


After mixing the extra protein into the yolk paste, pour the whole protein back into the egg mix and put it into an 8-inch round mold.


Put it into a preheated oven, water bath method 135 degrees 60 minutes, and then turn 165 degrees 20 minutes.

[What are the characteristics of male and female sexual response cycles]_woman

[What are the characteristics of male and female sexual response cycles]_woman

The work of the American sex medical experts Masters and Johnson is regarded as the second baseline in the history of human modernity studies.

One of its important findings is to reveal the basic laws of male and female sexual response.

They divided human sexual response into four phases: the excitement phase, the plateau phase, the orgasm phase, and the receding phase.

They found that both men and women had clear regularities in their sexual responses, but also had their own characteristics.

First, the excitement period refers to the activation of sexual desire and the body enters the stage of sexual tension. For men and women, sexual stimulation from both physical and mental can cause sexual excitement.

The length of time required to arouse sexual excitement is affected by many factors such as psychological conditions, emotions, physical strength, and the effectiveness of stimulation.

Sexual arousal in men is characterized by penile congestive erections that erect in a few seconds when young.

The scrotal skin thickens, instantly smoothing and joining.

The levator muscle contracts, spermatic cord shortens, and the retinal pill rises.

A few men’s nipples also have erect responses.

Female sexual excitement is characterized by the exudation of a large amount of secretions in the vagina after genital congestion.

Mostly occur after sexual arousal 10?
30 seconds.

Dilation of the vagina in 2/3 segments increases the total length of the vagina by 1/4.

The clitoris is enlarged and clearly visible.

Erect nipples and enlarged breasts are another characteristic of women’s excitement.

Women generally experience perineal convulsions and congestion, while women without sexual experience experience perineal discomfort.


[Can you eat litchi in early pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Food

[Can you eat litchi in early pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Food

Lychee is a very popular fruit. Fresh lychee always satisfies human taste buds to the greatest extent.

There are also many benefits to eating lychee. It can be said that supplementing vitamins, proteins, sugars and other nutrients can also nourish the spleen and liver.

Litchi is also a kind of fruit suitable for pregnant women, but for the sake of health, pregnant women also need to pay attention to when eating litchi.

The following introduces the relevant knowledge of pregnant women to eat litchi.

First, can I eat litchi during pregnancy?

Litchi has a lot of nutrition. Eating some litchi properly has many benefits.

1. Litchi meat is rich in vitamin C and protein.

Pregnant women eat lychee to help enhance the body’s immune function and improve disease resistance; 2, the rich sugar content of lychee has the function of replenishing energy and increasing nutrition. Studies have shown that lychee has a nourishing effect on brain tissue.

Pregnant women eat litchi can obviously improve insomnia, forgetfulness, fatigue and other symptoms; 3, litchi has rich vitamins.

Pregnant women eating lychee can promote the blood circulation of fine blood vessels, prevent the occurrence of freckles, and make the skin smoother. 4. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, lychee pulp has the effects of nourishing the spleen and liver, regulating qi and blood, warming and analgesic, and relieving the nerves.

Second, how to eat litchi correctly The correct way to eat litchi is to drink salt water, herbal tea or mung bean soup appropriately before and after eating litchi to prevent “virtual fire”.

Or immerse fresh lychee in dilute salt water and add it to the freezer and eat it after ice, which can prevent “virtual fire” and has the effect of refreshing the spleen and stagnation.

In addition, lychee shell fried water drink, can also lychee fever.

Third, pregnant women eat litchi precautions Pregnant women eat litchi should pay attention to the following items: 1, pregnant women can not eat more than 200 grams of litchi per day.

2. Drink salt water, herbal tea or mung bean soup appropriately before and after eating litchi to prevent “virtual fire”.

Or immerse fresh lychee in dilute salt water and add it to the freezer and eat it after ice, which can prevent “virtual fire” and has the effect of refreshing the spleen and stagnation.

In addition, lychee shell fried water drink, can also lychee fever.
3, do not eat litchi on an empty stomach, it is best to eat it half an hour after a meal.

4. Pregnant women who originally had ulcerative colitis, febrile constipation and acne, upper respiratory tract infections and sore throats, swollen and sore gums, or pregnant women with diabetes should eat lychee with caution and it is best not to eat it.

[Can maternal eat cod]_Cod_Postpartum_Can I eat

[Can maternal eat cod]_Cod_Postpartum_Can I eat

Cod, a high-value fish, reaches all parts of the world through modern developed logistics capabilities. It has become the most dazzling treasure on people’s tables. Cod has very high nutritional value, and its delicate meat is suitable for children to eat because its rich vitamins and protein are beneficialChild growth and development.

With the spread of cod fish, a large number of women also love to eat this fish, especially the mothers have a very strong interest in cod. So, can the newly-born women eat cod?

Pregnant women can eat cod without affecting their body and weight, but make sure the source of cod is safe.

1. Cod has thick meat, few fine spines, and sweet meat.

Protein in cod meat accounts for 16.

At 8%, cod liver has a high oil content. In addition to all the DHA and EPA of other common fish oils, it also contains vitamins A, D, E and other multivitamins necessary for the human body.

The proportion of these nutrients in cod liver oil is exactly the optimal ratio that the human body needs every day.

Therefore, the Nordic people call it a “nutritionist” on the table.

2, cod has certain health effects: its meat, blood circulation and stasis; its crickets, blood to stop bleeding; its bones, beriberi; its liver oil, astringent sore clearing heat and anti-inflammatory.

Cod liver can be used to extract cod liver oil (20% oil content?
40%), transforms vitamin A, vitamin D.

3. Cod liver oil has an inhibitory effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and its concentration of one hundred thousandth of an unsaturated acid can prevent bacteria from multiplying.

Liver oil eliminates bacteria present in infectious wounds.

Ointment made from cod liver oil quickly liquefies gangrene tissue.

Cod scales contain a large amount of insulin, which can extract 12,000 IU of insulin from 1 kg of starch, which has a better hypoglycemic effect and is used to treat diabetes.

Wrong drinking method = how to drink water to be healthy

Wrong drinking method = how to drink water to be healthy

Water, called the source of all things, without water, flowers will wither, plants will wither, and human life will be threatened.

However, too much water is not necessarily good. It is like overflowing the flowers with too much water, and the same is true for people. Drinking plenty of water can also be fatal.

According to Russian news media, a 17-year-old American football player died of excessive drinking water after a football match.

Experts say that excessive drinking can cause acute poisoning. If a person drinks more than 3 liters an hour, they may die from hypokalemia or lung and brain edema.

This is because the superheated water in a short period of time, the kidney can not replace the excess water in time, the blood is replaced, the concentration of sodium in the blood is reduced, and excess water is poured into the brain cells of the human body, causing brain edema.Eventually it causes irreversible damage to the brain.

After the average person exercise, because of excessive sweating, it is necessary to replenish water in time, but if it is improperly supplied, it may cause water poisoning.

So, how to drink water is appropriate and healthy?

The drinking water standard proposed by WHO (World Health Organization) in 2003 is that in the quiet state of 25 seconds of temperature, air humidity ≤ 60%, and no exercise, the daily drinking water is: 1 liter for children; adult male2.

9 liters; adult female 2.

2 liters, pregnant women should reach 4.

8 liters, lactating women 3.

3 liters.

In the case of high temperature or strong physical labor, the drinking water standard of different people should be increased to 4.

5 liters / day.

In addition to the moderate amount of water, the way of drinking water also determines whether water is a nourishment or a poison.

Many people often feel thirsty and remember to drink water and take up water. “咕咚咕咚” will pour it down. As everyone knows, normal people should drink water regularly, and wait until they are thirsty.

Experts recommend that the correct way to drink water should be 6:6:3 drinking water, that is, drink 6 cups a day, drink 6 times, drink 3 minutes each time.

In addition, some people should pay attention to drinking fresh boiled water, not only aseptic, but also contain some kinds of minerals needed by the human body; unless it is often warmed, especially in summer, warm boiled water is good for heat dissipation and can maintain the gastrointestinal motility.

Some people choose sports drinks to replenish moisture after exercise. As everyone knows, drinking water is a process of hydrating. Drinking drinks is a process of dehydration, because many nutrients and non-nutritive substances, including pigments and preservatives, are often added to beverages.Chemical additives such as caffeine.

It helps to decompose these chemical additives, sugars, etc., and requires a lot of water.

Create a healthy bedroom

Create a healthy bedroom

In one’s life, one third of the time is spent in the bedroom. When we fall asleep, the body relaxes, there is no defense, no disguise, in order to welcome a new day, human organs begin to be busy, metabolism, purify the blood,Treating wounds. Therefore, the various aspects of the bedroom cannot be ignored.

  The protagonist’s ideal bed is moderately soft and hard, and closely attached to the shallow S-shape of the human spine, especially placed and supported by the waist.


The bed should not be ventilated under the window. People may catch a cold when they are a little careless during sleep.

In addition, the bed is under the window, and people will feel insecure when they sleep.


The bed should not be placed in the ventilated part of the bedroom door or window, which makes people feel unsafe in the subconscious, affecting sleep, and the head is easy to stroke when sleeping at the door, and the foot is easy to get sick when sleeping at the door.


The placement of the bed should not be right. The main reason is that when people wake up in sleep or wake up by nightmares, they can easily be scared when they see the activities of themselves or their spouses in the mirror.


Under the bed, it is not advisable to pile up debris under the bed. It is often a non-breathable dark place. It is easy to be mildewed or bacteria-prone due to moisture. In addition, it is difficult to clean up and become a sanitary corner.


It is not appropriate for the swinging bed to be related to the earth’s magnetic field. The direction of the earth’s magnetic field is north-south. If the east-west sleeps, the change will change the distribution of blood in the body, especially the blood distribution in the brain, causing insomnia or dreams, affecting the quality of sleep.

  Tips Most people now use spring mattresses. According to their characteristics, the new mattress should be replaced every two to three months in the first year of use, so that the spring of the mattress is stressed.Evenly, then rotate about once every six months.

Experts recommend changing a new mattress every 10 years.

  The layout of the main character 2 is ideal. The bedroom area is no more than 20m2. It is suitable for “smooth and spacious”. The furnishings of the bedroom should be simple, practical, neat and comfortable. Avoid crowding and clutter, and leave some space to reduce the depression.feel.


When choosing a quilt for a quilt + bed sheet + quilt, pay attention to your body temperature and room interior. Choose bedding products should choose pure cotton, pure wool products or pure hemp fabrics, try not to use synthetic materials; the internal temperature is 28 ° C – 30 ° CThe most ideal.


Wardrobe closets should be flexibly combined according to the size of the room. All clothes should be classified, clean clothes and dirty clothes should be separated, dirty clothes should not be stacked on the bed, do not throw around.


Curtain + lighting curtains use two layers of curtain fabrics of different materials to control the brightness of the light outside the window; at the same time, there should be three kinds of lighting, including functional main light, creating an atmosphere of light and lighting the room light throughout the room, giving a warmfeel.

Color + decoration According to the principle of color psychology, the blue is calm and calm, blue and green have a good effect on the mood of the stable people, suitable for the color of the bedroom curtains.

Red and black, black and white, yellow and black should be avoided. It is easy to cause emotional upset and difficult to fall asleep.

  Tips for the bedroom should not put too much electrical appliances.

In addition to radiation damage, such as television and computers, it also affects people’s sleep. The brightness of the screen will inhibit the secretion of melatonin, which will prevent people from falling asleep for a long time.

In addition, the bedside should be placed on the “bedside sound.”

  The supporting angle-air ideal state has enough fresh air to circulate, does not feel nausea, no odor in the bedroom, smoke and body odor, temperature and humidity are suitable.


Naturally ventilated bedrooms must be constantly opened to improve the microclimate in the room, reduce the amount of pathogenic microorganisms and dust, and expel harmful substances such as cockroaches.

Relevant medical data indicates that when the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air reaches 2% (normal carbon dioxide concentration is 0.

04%), people will feel dizzy and sleepy when they wake up.

Therefore, open the window for 30 minutes before going to bed in winter, and then turn it off when you sleep.


Maintaining proper temperature and humidity Human physiology shows that in winter, the bedroom temperature is between 20 ° C and 26 ° C, and the human metabolism level is stable. Therefore, the temperature of the bedroom is preferably controlled at 24 ° C to 25 ° C, and the humidity is preferably not low.At 35%.

When the air humidity is lower than 30%, the moisture of the skin and the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose and trachea will evaporate a lot, causing people to feel the mouth, dry nose, and sometimes cause skin splitting and bleeding of the nasal mucosa.

If the air humidity is too low, spray some water or put a basin of water in the room before going to bed.
The green plants in the bedroom are pointed out by experts. The plants suitable for being placed in the bedroom are: millennium wood, ivy, spider plant, sage, cactus and so on.

Among them, millennial wood leaves and roots can absorb xylene, toluene, trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde, which are converted into non-toxic substances; ivy can effectively resist carcinogens in nicotine; cactus, spider plant can absorb electrical radiationPollution.

  Warm reminder that green plants in the bedroom should not be more.

Although green plants can purify the air and relieve tension, the green plants inhale oxygen when the night is insufficient, release carbon dioxide, and close the doors and windows when sleeping, causing the air to not circulate, making the brain in an oxygen-deficient state and difficult to enter deep sleep.

  Supporting angle 2 Hygienic ideal state All the items in the bedroom are clean and not dusty, the bedding is clean and there is no smell.


It is enough to clean the bedroom at least once a week. The purpose is to remove dust. It is best not to use chemical sprays, bacteria removers and the like.


Regularly clean the bedding from the body and the dead epithelial cells. The dust in the air will fall on the bedding. The bedding will be dried and dried once every at least two weeks, and cleaned every three to four weeks.


Do not smoke indoors and smoke to release a large amount of pollutants. It is estimated that there are thousands of substances that are harmful to the human body, so do not smoke in the bedroom.


Don’t just sit back and forth in bed, and have a lot of dust on your body. If you wear a coat and come into contact with the bed, the dust will stick to the bed and affect your health.

  Tips for cleaning the bedroom should be careful with chemical cleaners, especially at night.

Chemicals such as furniture and floor cleaners, air fresheners and insecticides contain irritating substances that remain in the air of the bedroom, affecting the quality of sleep, and people are more susceptible to pollutants during sleep, so chemistryIt is better to use less detergent.

Elderly knee pain should not practice Tai Chi

Elderly knee pain should not practice Tai Chi

Many older people like healthy sports, which can help them stay healthy and pass the time to enrich their old age.

Therefore, many elderly people insist on doing fitness exercises even if they are not feeling well.

In the eyes of ordinary people, Tai Chi is soft and has little exercise intensity and is not dangerous. It is suitable for the elderly.

However, when the elderly have symptoms of knee pain, it is not appropriate to practice Tai Chi.

  Many older people like to play Tai Chi, but improper exercise can increase the load on the knee.

Taijiquan logo action is Ma Buzhen.

There is data showing that the human body bends the knee 30 degrees, the knee joint is under pressure and the weight is small; the knee is 60 degrees, the knee pressure is 4 times the weight; the knee is 90 degrees, and the pressure is 6 times the weight.

If the knee joint is in a state of tension and weight for a long time, the knee joint is overweight, causing pain in the knee joint and accelerating the wear of the articular cartilage.

  With the increase of age, the knee joint of the elderly has degenerative changes, so the exercise must be moderate, and should meet the physiological characteristics of the middle-aged and elderly.

Older people with knee problems should try not to practice squatting. If you must kneel, pay attention to speed and try to support them by hand.

  According to reports, the prevalence of osteoarthritis in Tanzania is 9.


Among them, the incidence of knee osteoarthritis accounts for more than 45% of the elderly population.

The main symptom of the disease is that when the activity starts, the joint pain is obvious and relieves later; in the morning, the joint is stiff, and the symptoms are relieved after half an hour of slight activity; the upper and lower steps, the lower jaw, the running and jumping reduce the pain, and the knee joint activity decreases.

  For the elderly with knee osteoarthritis, experts recommend taking part in activities that cause little joint damage, such as swimming.

When swimming, the human body and the ground are basically parallel, and all joints can be relaxed. The joints and muscles are moved without load.

In addition, usually change the sitting position, do not let the knee joint in a position for a long time.

Do some exercise for the quadriceps: sit on the edge of the chair, raise your legs up 15 cm, keep 3?
5 seconds, then slowly put down, 2 per day?
3 times, each time you lift 10?
15 times.

In addition, also pay attention to keep warm, do not let the cold wind blow the knee joint.

Count 5 big slimming weight loss traps

Count 5 big slimming weight loss traps

Clicking on the picture to buy weight loss is an eternal topic for women. In order to maintain a perfect body, women will unconsciously notice a variety of topics related to weight loss.

But some of these seemingly reasonable “secrets” are not healthy ways to lose weight.

The Russian Health News has announced five kinds?
But contrary to scientific weight loss methods.

  Method 1, intense burning of calories promotes long-term weight loss rebuttal: short-term sustained intense burning calories are only suitable for short-term weight loss.

In order to achieve long-term weight loss, you need to plan, exercise step by step, and eat properly.

  Method 2, breast milk replacement will prevent children from getting fat in the future: breast milk intake has many benefits, such as improving the child’s immunity.

But studies have shown that breast milk pregnancy does not prevent obesity.

The most important thing to keep in shape is the family’s eating habits.

  Method 3, rapid weight loss can lead to a rapid rebound rebuttal: Many studies have shown that fast weight loss can avoid long-term fattening.

What matters is whether the weight loss program is reasonable.

  Method 4, as long as your body is ready to lose weight, you can achieve an effect rebuttal: Unfortunately, the body will never refuse to increase fat, but also does not help predict the results of weight loss.

In addition, setting a better goal for weight loss is more effective than losing weight for fashion.

  Method 5, sexual intercourse helps burn calories: It turns out that people who weigh 60 kilograms have sex for 1 hour and burn less than 250 calories.

Seven major hazards

Seven major hazards

From the perspective of modern medicine, obesity is not a blessing or even a scourge.

Obesity has at least the following “bad points.”

First, it causes cumbersome bodywork, inconvenient activities, and psychological barriers. Second, the cost of food, clothing, housing and transportation increases. Third, it brings all kinds of fatal diseases and even causes premature death.

Among them, the highest maximum harm is a series of serious complications, as well as hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, coronary heart disease, malignant tumors, etc. These diseases are the main killers of human health.

  In general, obesity itself is not fatal, but it is caused by excessive, easily complicated diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, etc., which will actually reduce life expectancy.

Therefore, we are opposed to blind weight loss, and do not advocate “cultivation of fat accumulation”, but try to make the fat and moderate.

In other words, it is necessary to calculate your ideal weight according to your specific situation, and then control your weight to the ideal range through diet, exercise and other measures to ensure a healthy body and truly healthy and longevity.

  Does obesity bring some harm?


Obesity leading to dyslipidemia, especially abdominal obesity, is more likely to manifest as hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, low-density lipoprotein and very low-density lipoprotein, and high-density lipoproteinInstead, it decreases.

The reason why obesity is prone to hyperlipidemia is still not very clear. The possible reasons are as follows: First, eating more snacks, second, storing more feces in the body, third, hyperinsulinemia can increase blood lipids, and fourth is blood lipids.There is a problem with the removal.


Increased cerebrovascular disease Obese people are prone to high blood pressure, dyslipidemia and diabetes, while those with high blood pressure, dyslipidemia and diabetes are more likely to have problems.

First of all, this kind of person is prone to cerebral atherosclerosis. Their cerebral blood vessels are hard and brittle. They are prone to rupture under the influence of high blood pressure, causing dangerous cerebral hemorrhage and even life-threatening.

Therefore, the tissue fibrinolytic activation inhibitor in the blood of obese people is also higher than that of ordinary people. This factor makes the thrombus regenerate and is difficult to dissolve, so obese people are prone to cerebral thrombosis, that is, cerebral infarction.


Increasing the probability of developing hypertension is associated with high blood pressure.

In obese people between the ages of 40 and 50, the incidence of high blood pressure is 50% higher than that of non-obese people.

A moderately obese person has more than five times the chance of developing high blood pressure and more than twice as many people with mild weight.


Increased cardiac load It has been found that obesity has a four-fold increase in the incidence of angina and sudden death.

This shows that obesity will definitely increase the burden on the heart and cause heart damage.

The heart of a normal human body is like a water pump that constantly contracts and relaxes, maintaining the circulation of blood.

Because obese people store too much feces in the blood, the blood volume increases accordingly, and the heart increases the contraction force accordingly.

When the heart is overwhelmed, it can no longer effectively pump blood, causing blood to accumulate in the state of the cardiovascular system, and even severe heart failure.


About half of the obese liver leads to complications in the liver.

The liver is the site of synthetic triglycerides, but there is not much extra space in the liver to store it.

In the hypertensive patients, the balance between triglyceride synthesis and transport has been dysregulated. Obese people have more fatty acid injections, so the liver synthesizes more triglycerides.

A large amount of triglycerides accumulate in the liver.
The result is an unfortunate liver.


Increasing the risk of diabetes Obesity is one of the important risk factors for diabetes.

Of the type 2 diabetes patients, 80% are obese.

Moreover, the longer the diabetes occurs, the lower the chance of developing diabetes.


There are several types of bone and joint diseases that may cause obesity in bone and joint diseases: osteoarthritis, diabetic osteoarthrosis and gouty osteoarthrosis.

Among them, the most common and most harmful is osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis caused by obesity mainly affects the knee joint, and secondly affects the hip joint and the finger joint.  8.

Obesity is prone to cancer According to the results of epidemiological investigations, obese patients are more likely to suffer from endometrial cancer and postmenopausal diabetes, while obese men are more likely to develop prostate cancer; and as long as obese, both men and women are more likely to have colonCancer and rectal cancer.

The more severe the degree of obesity, the higher the prevalence of these cancers.

Tips: Let you do more and more beauty exercises

Tips: Let you do more and more beauty exercises

I don’t know if you have had this experience?

Walking on the road, accidentally seeing the shop window, the facial expression in the reflection is stiff and hard, this is the expression when you face the public, if you care about the lines that you can’t see in your time,So you need this little secret today?
More and more beautiful facial exercises These actions can achieve a balanced movement of facial muscles and skin, so that you can stay healthy and young, full of vitality and vitality.

The muscles and muscles of the face are healthy and firm, and the skin looks better and makes the skin more elastic.


Raise the eyebrows up.


Like a brow deep lock.


Use the middle finger to pull the eyebrows toward the end of the eyebrows.


Use your thumb to press your nostrils up and squeeze them up.


Let the nostrils shrink.


Open your eyes to maximum and put them back.


Quickly blink 20 times.


Turn the eyeball up and down and left and right.


Suck your lips inward.


The lips go out of shape.


Use both hands to pull the lips diagonally over the sides and put them back.


Use your hands to pull your lips away from the outside of the cheeks and put them back.


Close your lips and bulge your toes and relax.


Loud out the “wow” sound.


Sounds the sound of “E”.


Force the mouth to the maximum and put it back.


The upper and lower teeth are hard to bite and the lips should not open.

  The 18-year-old squatted hard to stand forward.


Let’s sway easily and sway.

  PS: * Be sure when you move.

  * Do at least 8 times for each action.
  *Each item can be made or done together, every morning and evening, will there be unexpected effects for a long time?