[How to make loofah beef vermicelli soup]_ Home-made recipes of loofah beef vermicelli soup

[How to make loofah beef vermicelli soup]_Home cooking of loofah beef vermicelli soup_How to make loofah beef vermicelli soup_How to make loofah beef vermicelli soup

Delicious food can even increase appetite and make a person feel better.

And a good mood will make our physiology more and more healthy.

So, you have every reason to convince yourself to learn to cook.

Now, I will introduce the method of loofah beef vermicelli soup.


Ingredients: loofah, cooked beef slices, vermicelli, Korean chili sauce 2.

Peel the loofah and wash it.


Put it on the cardboard and cut into pieces for later use.


Pour the oil in the skillet and heat, and fry the sliced loofah.


Next, combine the vermicelli and cooked beef slices and add some water to boil.


Then, add the right amount of Korean chili sauce.


Add the right amount of salt.


Add the right amount of chicken essence.


Season well and serve.

Everywhere in the world is not only a waste of money and time, but also a “waste” of health.

So after mastering the practice of loofah beef vermicelli soup, if you can make it by yourself, you can live a healthier life.

[Effects and taboos of mountain pepper]_action_harm

[Effects and taboos of mountain pepper]_action_harm

Wild pepper also becomes wild pepper or tendon tree, which belongs to small trees or deciduous shrubs. Generally, leaves are collected in summer and autumn, and fruits are collected in autumn. The roots of wild pepper are available throughout the year and can be used directly or sun-dried.After use, it is usually grown in Shanxi, Shandong and southern provinces.

There are many effects of mountain pepper, the most common ones are expelling wind, treating stomach pain, swelling and hemostasis.

However, there are also taboos about peppercorns. You need to know about it.

First, the original form of mountain pepper]Beef tendon tree, also known as: Beetle bark (“Classified Herbal Nature”), Youjinnan, Fake Firewood, Stinkfish Wood, Hook Camphor, Fake Dry Firewood, Chicken Rice Wind, Beef Bar, Swindling maple, white leaf maple, old red.

Deciduous shrubs or small trees, up to 8 meters.

The bark is smooth and off-white.

Winter buds with outer scales red; young shoots initially brown hairy and subsequently replaced.

Single leaves alternate or nearly opposite, broadly elliptic to obovate, 4?
9 cm wide?
4 cm, apex short pointed, base broadly wedge-shaped, entire, dark green above, with fine hairs only between veins, pinkish white below, densely gray hairy, veins pinnate; petiole about 2 mm long, with fine hairs.

Flowers unisexual, dioecious; umbels axillary, hairy, with a distinct total pedicel, pedicel 1 long.

5 cm; perianth yellow, 6 pieces; male flowers with stamens 9, arranged in 3 rounds, inner round with glands, anthers 2-loculed, inward petals cleft; female flowers with single stamens 1, stigma capitate, ovary oval.
Drupe spherical, about 7 mm in diameter, with aroma.

Flowering period 3?

Fruit 9?

Second, the efficacy of medicinal roots, branches, leaves, fruits; leaves can be warm and cold, break the gas stagnation, expelling wind and swelling; cure fatigue and swollen, water edema, limb numbness, rheumatoid arthritis, bruisesInjury; cure stomach pain.

1. Govern rheumatism and paralysis: one to two peppercorn roots, one pig foot (seven inches), four or two rice wine, add water to fry as appropriate.

Take before meals, twice a day.

“Fujian Folk Herbal Medicine” 2. Rheumatism and numbness, pain in bones and bones: beef tendon roots, geranium sandgrass, thatch, bone and grass, wind drill, white thatch root, pine grass.

Soak service.

3, cure cold pain: one to two or two peppercorns, two or two rice wine, add water as appropriate, fry into a half bowl, take before meals.

[Sexual flavor]Xin, warm.

Third, the function is mainly for removing wind and activating collaterals, detoxifying and swelling, and stopping bleeding and pain.

Used for treatment: strains, numbness, numbness, poor appetite, swelling of the limbs, initial onset of swelling, redness, swelling and pain, rheumatism, paralysis of the wind, cold, and apoplexy.

Party 1: The stroke is silent.

Recipe: dried peppercorns, 3 grams of Vitex negundo.

Usage: Dry, grind the coarse powder, roll away the blisters, 2 times a day, even 3?
5 days.

Annex 2: Cough.

Recipe: 60 grams of dried peppercorns, 1 pair of pork lungs, 30 ml of rice wine.

Usage: Stew with water, add the most sugar, remove the residue, divide 2?
3 servings.

Annex 3: Injury, numbness, poor appetite, and swelling of the limbs.

Recipe: 60 grams of peppercorn root.

Usage: decoction to remove residue, add brown sugar, rice wine, 2 times, warm morning and evening on an empty stomach.

Annex 4: The beginning of bloating, swelling and pain.
Recipe: Fresh mountain pepper leaves, maple tender leaves, fresh wood hibiscus leaves.

Usage: Wash and mash the affected area.

Annex 5: Paralysis of rheumatism.

Recipe: 50g of peppercorn root, 1 pig’s foot, 120ml of rice wine.

Usage: add water, stew rotten, take 2 times before meals.

Attachment 6: Wind and cold.
Recipe: 30 grams of young pepper leaves, 25 grams of June snow, and 30 grams of big green leaves.

Usage: decoction, take 2 times.

Fourth, pepper is not allowed to be hot, dry, hot and irritable, or people with yin deficiency, should avoid eating more. Fever disease, should not eat pepper.

Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not eat.

[Chicken soup can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days]_Refrigerated storage_How to save

[Chicken soup can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days]_Refrigerated storage_How to save

Many people usually like chicken soup. The nutritional value of chicken soup is very high, but when you cook chicken soup, you often encounter this situation, that is, chicken soup cannot be consumed all at once. Therefore, the preservation method of chicken soup is many people.A more concerned issue. It would be a pity to dump the leftover chicken broth directly, but if it is stored in the refrigerator, I don’t know how long it can be kept?

How many days can chicken soup be kept in the refrigerator?

Normally, if the chicken soup does not taste bad in the refrigerator, it will be edible even after it has been stored for a long time.

Can chicken broth be fluorinated? 1. Chicken broth can be drunk overnight, but should be kept in the refrigerator at night, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria.

Cook the next day and drink.

2. Some people are also worried about the nourishing effect of chicken soup overnight.

In fact, the main nutrients in chicken soup are proteins and amino acids, and these things will not be destroyed in the low temperature of the refrigerator, and will not be oxidized by oxygen in the air.

Therefore, as long as it is preserved, the nutritional value of chicken broth will not decrease much.

3, the best preservation method is not to put salt and other seasonings in the soup base, cook the soup and use a clean spoon to spoon out the day to drink, the endless drink, it is best to use a clay pot to store in the refrigerator.

4, because the remaining soup is continuously contained in aluminum pots, stainless steel pots, chemical reactions are prone to occur, should be placed in glass or ceramic utensils.

Benefits of drinking chicken soup1. Relieving cold chicken soup has the effect of alleviating cold symptoms and improving human immune function.

This is because chicken soup can effectively suppress human complications and excessive mucus production, reduce nasal blockage and throat pain, and reduce the number of coughs.

Chicken soup is even better than vitamin C in relieving colds.

2, nourishing effect Chicken soup with different herbs, has different nourishing effects.

Adding ginger can nourish strong essences, relieve colds and improve human immunity. Adding Chinese wolfberry can nourish yang, help the body to grow yang, resist cold, and add codonopsis to treat spleen and lung weakness, shortness of breath and palpitations, and enhance blood productionIt has a good effect on improving chills in winter. Adding astragalus can supplement qi and deficiency, strengthen the body’s immunity, and prevent the occurrence of certain infectious diseases.

3, the benefits for women For female tonic, hen is the best choice, you can choose “Angelica longan stewed hen” recipe.

However, it should be noted that often people think that hen stew soup, you must choose old hen, but in fact, boy chicken is the best.

Basically, the meat is tender and the meat protein is also available. It is easier for the human body to absorb and digest.

However, pregnant women tonic after eating a child should eat cocks.

Because the estrogen possessed by the hen will make the mother quickly replenish the estrogen, but it will not be easy to produce milk.

[What is good for a two-year-old baby with constipation]_Baby constipation_How to eat_How to eat

[What is good for a two-year-old baby with constipation]_Baby constipation_How to eat_How to eat

Two-year-old babies may also suffer from constipation, which is also detrimental to the baby’s physical health. Therefore, parents should also pay attention to preparing food for the baby to improve constipation.For relief of constipation.

1. Carrots: Carrots have dual effects, reducing diarrhea and constipation. My mother does not understand that one kind of food can relieve diarrhea and constipation. Diarrhea and constipation are two opposite diseases.?

Yes, carrots can indeed relieve diarrhea and relieve constipation. The reason is: carrots are cold to eat raw, have the effect of clearing heat and purging fires, cooked carrots are warm in nature, have an antidiarrheal and astringent effect, so if you want to use constipationYou should let your baby eat carrots raw.

2. Sweet potatoes and peanuts: Cook the sweet potatoes and peanuts, and add peanut sweet potato puree to the baby to eat, which has a good effect on relieving constipation.

3, honey and bananas: Get up in the morning, give your baby a banana, and then drink a cup of honey, which can effectively relieve constipation.

4. Vegetable puree: celery, spinach, leek and other green leafy vegetables are cooked and chopped into puree, which can be eaten alone or in noodles or porridge.

5, fruits: bananas, watermelons, grapes, litchi, kiwi, white pear, etc. can be used for constipation baby.

6. Soy beans: Putting soy beans, celery, peanuts, and carrots together into food and vegetables has a good effect on alleviating constipation.

7, millet porridge with brown sugar: millet porridge with brown sugar is the confinement rice in the past, the baby has the effect of alleviating constipation, the mother does not prevent it from trying.

[Baby Juice and Complementary Food Making]_Juice_Children_How to Make

[Baby Juice and Complementary Food Making]_Juice_Children_How to Make

Only when the baby’s body nutrition reaches a balanced state, can it promote the development of various aspects such as physical intelligence.

Therefore, the correctness of the complementary food selection is very necessary. At the same time, in the process of making complementary food for the baby, try to make food that is easy to chew and digest, because the baby’s chewing system is not fully developed.

Juice is also a kind of complementary food that can be given to the baby. The following article will learn how to make a baby’s juice complementary food.

Fruit juice recipe 1, tomato juice-200 grams of tomatoes, 200 grams of apples (or take 30 grams each of tomatoes, green peppers, and 100 grams of celery). Do not peel the tomatoes’ skins when making them, because the vitamin C and mineral content are high, Great for human health and skin care.

2, orange juice-100 grams of fresh orange, 200 grams of apples, 150 grams of carrots, moderate amount of boiling water.

It has a significant effect on moisturizing baby’s skin, hair and eye care.

3. Carrot juice-one carrot and one apple. Cut the carrots and apples into small cubes and put them into a food grinder. Rotate at low speed for 60 seconds, and then add water.

Can promote baby’s liver and kidney vitality and development.

4, apple juice-50 grams of apples, mix the apples and about 90 milliliters of cold water into a food grinder.

Energize your baby throughout the day with a smooth, rosy face.

5. Mango juice-Mango is rich in dietary fiber and carotene, which can help your baby’s metabolism and improve eyesight. Very rich vitamins can improve your baby’s immunity.

6, grape juice-grapes, apples, plain water.

Apple juice and grape juice are two types of fruit juices that contain a lot of natural sugars, vitamins, trace elements and organic acids. They can promote the metabolism of the baby’s body, be beneficial to the development of blood vessels and the nervous system, and prevent colds.

[Effects and Functions of Oolong Tea]_Oolong Tea_Benefits_May

[Effects and Functions of Oolong Tea]_Oolong Tea_Benefits_May

Tea drinking is a health culture. Many people like to drink tea, and oolong tea is a common tea in life.

The efficacy and role of oolong tea on the human body is also very important.

For women, oolong tea also has the effect of weight loss. Drinking a cup of oolong tea before a meal is more effective.


Use oolong tea to lose weight, drink a cup before and after meals.

It is best to drink hot tea without sugar.

Also, do not drink immediately after a meal, it is more accurate every 1 hour or so.

Drinking tea should also adapt to your physical fitness. If you feel uncomfortable after drinking tea, such as stomach pain or sleeplessness, it is best to stop.

When making tea, the water temperature should be controlled at about 80 ° C-90 ° C; the brewed tea should be drunk within 30-60 minutes, otherwise the nutrients in the tea will be oxidized.


In addition to a cup of tea after meals, the oolong tea has the effect of preventing fractures.

The reason for the formation of tiny teeth is that bacteria invade the tooth tissue, and the enzymes that cause the teeth are generated inside the tissue. This enzyme decomposes the sugar contained in food and produces substances that corrode the teeth.

This substance that can erode the teeth and bacteria attach to the teeth to form tartar, and after accumulation, dental caries will occur.


Scientific evidence shows that black oolong tea can inhibit the absorption of 20% of neutral adults, and the effect is amazing.

Those who have drunk black oolong tea have a smaller amount of excreted urine than those who have not drunk oolong tea.

Therefore, black oolong tea not only inhibits the absorption of adults, but also helps to double replace oil in the body, and has a magical double detoxification effect.

Black oolong tea combines the production methods of green tea and black tea. Its quality is between green tea and black tea.

[Excessive secretion of androgen]_Androgen_Excessive secretion_Danger_Bad

[Excessive secretion of androgen]_Androgen_Excessive secretion_Danger_Bad

If female friends experience excessive androgen secretion in our lives, we recommend that female friends should be conditioned in time, because excessive androgen secretion may lead to your menopause and infertility.

In the case of excessive androgen secretion, male friends will have stronger sexual desire, but not the stronger the androgen secretion, the better, I hope you can understand.

Androgens are actually a general term for a variety of hormones, including thyroid ketones, androstenedione, and dehydroepiandrosterone. Among them, thyroid ketone is the most abundant and the most effective.

Androgen is mainly secreted by testes in men. Although women do not have retinal pills, both kidneys and adrenals have the function of producing androgens, which is medically called intra-glandular synthesis.

In addition, aunts, muscles and other tissues are also synthesized through extra-glandular production of small amounts of androgen.

The higher the androgen level in women, the stronger the sexual desire, and the easier it is to obtain satisfactory sexual pleasure.

Therefore, for those women whose sexual desire is still low after estrogen supplementation, and then given an appropriate amount of androgen, the satisfaction of sexual experience will increase significantly.

In addition, recent studies have found that androgens also play an important role in the dual estrogen that affects women’s bone quality, and osteoporotic women often have lower ketone levels in their blood than healthy women of the same age.

It can be seen that pure post-menopausal women’s estrogen supplementation is not the best policy. If appropriate amounts of androgen can be supplemented at the same time, the effect will be better.

The local parts of women with hyperandrogenemia are mainly two large organs secreted by the ovary and adrenal glands. Too much male hormones in the body make them hairy, infertile, or clitoral hypertrophy.

In terms of ovarian cancer, there are mainly polycystic ovary syndrome, follicular membrane cell hyperplasia, and some ovarian tumors.

Increased infertility androgen can interfere with the growth and development of follicles, leading to ovulation disorders, followed by menstrual disturbances, oligomenorrhea and even amenorrhea, which prevents pregnancy.

Too much androgen can strongly stimulate the accumulation of subcutaneous faeces and cause too much.

If the aunt is mainly deposited on the chest, the waist-to-hip ratio is less than zero.

7, known as female-type obesity; if it is unfortunately mainly accumulated in the waist, the ratio of waist to hip circumference is greater than 0.

85, is called male obesity.

Excessive secretion of androgens will cause the hormone balance in our body to be broken, which will cause certain corresponding diseases. I hope you should know in your life.

For female friends who have been experiencing high levels of androgen, we suggest that everyone should add more estrogen so that they can control the development of the disease.

[Practice of Huo Xinrou hot pot]_ making method _ how to make

[Practice of Huo Xinrou hot pot]_ making method _ how to make

We often eat heart meat, but we never know what it is.

The heart muscle is the diaphragm muscle, which surrounds the heart in humans or animals to protect the heart and fix the heart’s position.

There are many ways to protect the heart meat. In recent years, there has been a hot pot of heart meat.

Hu Xinxin is full of vitality, combined with hot pot, loved by many people.

So how to make the hotpot of hot meat?

Are there any caveats?

The heart muscle is the diaphragm muscle, which is used to cut off the tissues of the thorax and abdomen, and can use the effect of breathing when retracting.

The tissues of the heart are pulled to protect the heart from dangling.

Suitable for hors d’oeuvres, because it has a fascia, which is elastic and chewy.

According to legend, when Kangxi went to Geldan in the west, he was suffering from malady, and the imperial doctor was helpless. A grandfather who drove with his car offered a carcass roasted in a sarcophagus, and the emperor recovered gradually after eating.

Then it was called the heart-protecting flesh, which had the effect of strengthening the mind and body, so it became an important supplement for the royal diet, and it has been passed down to this day.

Because the stone contains calcium, iron, magnesium and other trace elements, the natural health substances released by heating are combined with the nourishing ingredients of the heart meat, which is transformed into tender meat, delicious and nutritious. It is a gourmet food for modern people.

The practice of Huxinrou hot pot: 1.

Put the oil on the bottom of the pot over high heat, and stir-fry the meat quickly for one minute. When it is fried, be sure to turn it evenly, pay attention to turning, then quickly raise the pot and put it on the plate for use.

Wash the pan.


Heat the pan with oil and explode the garlic. Put the red and green peppers into the pan, add salt, and chicken essence, and spatula a few times to chilli the pepper, the salt will taste faster; the chilli will be fried on the plate when it is 4 minutes cookedPut the meat in the pan and fry with the chili.


Stir fry for 2 minutes, add green onions, add the right amount of old soup, and then bring to a pan.

Tips: 1. Be sure to put a red pepper, which is more delicious.

Because the red pepper is a bit sweet, and the red, green and flesh colors are also very eye-catching.

2. The pepper must be cut into long triangles, which is easier to cook. When it is finally out of the pot, it only needs to be cooked for 7 minutes.

3, protect the heart meat with seasoning first, when fried is more tender.

4, fry the heart meat first, brush the pot, otherwise the sauce will affect the color of the pepper.

5, if the family uses the cooked boiled meat, you can omit the alternation of stir-fry, and do not put salt when marinating.

You can also cook it yourself, put some aniseed ingredients, pepper, salt, and cook the heart meat before frying.

[First, bird’s nest is suitable for pregnant women]_ pregnant eat _ benefits

[First, bird’s nest is suitable for pregnant women]_ pregnant eat _ benefits

The nutrients that pregnant women absorb during pregnancy are mainly absorbed by the baby in their stomach. Therefore, for pregnant women, how to choose foods that can not only supplement the body’s nutrition but also benefit the child’s growth and development is a very profoundLearning.

Bird’s nest is a kind of food that is very suitable for weak women. Bird’s nest is also divided into different types, and its effects are different depending on the type. So, is bird’s nest suitable for pregnant women?

Pregnant women eating bird’s nest as a health product has many benefits to the body of pregnant women.

The first trimester of pregnancy is a critical period for the growth and development of the fetus. The “bird’s nest acid”, also known as “neuraminic acid” contained in bird’s nest, plays an important role in fetal brain development and the improvement of the immune system. Pregnant women eating bird’s nest can help preventSupplement “neuraminic acid” to promote brain development and improve memory.

Bird’s nest is rich in nutrients. Pregnant women often eat alternatives due to early pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, and replacement of nutrients can also interfere. Pregnant women eating bird’s nest can supplement the required nutrients and have a significant effect on alleviating morning sickness.

Bird’s nest is rich in minerals and trace elements. Pregnant women often have symptoms of calcium deficiency in late pregnancy. Calcium deficiency can cause pregnant women to have cramps at night, bleeding gums and pelvic bones. Pregnant women eating bird’s nest can supplement trace elements.Can also meet the baby’s needs for trace elements.

It is often said that bird’s nest can nourish and maintain beauty. Bird’s nest contains epidermal growth factors, which can promote cell differentiation, supplement collagen, and repair damaged skin. Therefore, eating bird’s nest for pregnant women has obvious effects on the prevention and improvement of stretch marks.

When do pregnant women eat bird’s nest? Bird’s nest is good for pregnant women’s body and fetal development. In the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women are prone to miscarriage. After pregnancy, they can start to eat bird’s nest. It can help to eat bird’s nest in the first three months of pregnancy.Pregnancy conditioning the body can also reduce the symptoms of early pregnancy response.

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the fetus is prone to health problems. At this time, eating bird’s nest in pregnant women can help supplement nutrition.

At this time it is best to choose to eat in the morning, you can add points to the state of the day.

If a pregnant woman wants to nourish her beauty, she can also eat bird’s nest during pregnancy.

The bird’s nest is warm and sweet, and has a relief effect on early pregnancy response, constipation and dry skin.

If you only consider embryo growth and development, you can start to eat bird’s nest in the third month of pregnancy. In the third month of pregnancy, the placenta begins to form, and more and more nutrients are needed. Bird’s nest can directly stimulate cell regeneration.Most suitable.

What is suitable for pregnant women? Bird’s nest Bird’s nest can be divided into many types according to color and shape, of which Guan Yan, Huang Yan and Blood Yan are the most common.

The bird’s nest suitable for pregnant women at different stages of pregnancy is also different.

Guanyan is formed by freezing the saliva secreted from the throat of Jinsiyan. Jinsiyan feeds on seaweed, silverfish, etc., and a large amount of mucus is stored in the throat. Therefore, the Guanyan formed is a little pure, without impurities such as feathers.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the most important thing for a pregnant woman is to raise her baby with peace of mind.

Guanyan contains growth protein and a variety of trace elements required by the human body, which can promote the development of fatty acids.

By the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, at this time the growth is more mature and mature, at this time pregnant women are suitable to eat Huangyan.

Huangyan is a bird’s nest for a short period of time, so the oxidation is slightly yellow, and it is a number of natural bird’s nests.

Huang Yan is too safe to eat too much, and the color may be too white, but the merchant may have added bleach, so pay special attention when purchasing.

[What to eat after ventricular caesarean section]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

[What to eat after ventricular caesarean section]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

After the caesarean section, the anesthetic can’t eat anything at all and can’t even drink water. You can drink some water after the anesthesia, and you can eat some vegetables to help defecation after ventilation, becauseI didn’t eat or drink water for a few hours before and after the operation, so the stool was extremely small. After the stool, I can eat something I want to eat.


Pork liver is suitable for consumption in the morning and noon.


Iron in egg yolk is effective for anaemic women.


Lotus root rib soup can treat the symptoms of anemia during confinement. Lotus root has the effect of alleviating nerve tension.


Scallops have a mood-stabilizing effect and can treat postpartum depression.


Carrots are rich in vitamins A, B, and C, making them the best alternative for women.


Pork loins can strengthen the kidneys, promote metabolism in the body, restore uterine function, and treat backache and back pain.


Sesame is high in calcium, and eating more can prevent calcium loss and constipation.


The trotters can supply blood and milk, and can treat postpartum lactation.


Peanuts can nourish blood and stop bleeding, can treat anemia and bleeding, and it has a nourishing effect.


Celery is high in fiber and eating more can prevent maternal constipation.


The glutinous rice tastes sweet and flat, tonic and tonic, and the red rice noodle is a noble tonic for women.


Black beans are rich in plant-based proteins and vitamins A, B, and C. They are also effective for those with beriberi and laxity in the abdomen and body.


Sea cucumber is a cholesterol-free food with a high protein content. It is suitable for those who suffer from postpartum weakness, wasting and fatigue, kidney deficiency, edema and jaundice.


Pig heart has the function of strengthening the heart.


Kissfish is rich in calcium and suitable for maternal consumption. The statue is a heavy manual labor and consumes the mother’s physical strength; taking care of the newborn is also very laborious.

Novice mommy really needs to nourish her body with a reasonable diet.

In order to provide sufficient breast milk supplements, it is necessary to increase the intake of vitamins, including properly increasing the absorption of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, nicotinic acid, vitamin A, and vitamin C, and also to maintain a certain amount of calcium, phosphorus, and ironAmount of absorption.