The harm of onychomycosis, you must know the daily care method of gray nails

The harm of onychomycosis, you must know the daily care method of gray nails

Onychomycosis is a common stubborn disease. Many people do not care much about it in the early stage, so they don’t care much until they get infected with multiple nails. This has increased the difficulty of treatment and increased the treatment time and treatment cost.

Therefore, once you find nails, you should treat them promptly.

So what are the hazards and care methods of onychomycosis?

The harm caused by the gray nails in the year is one: the hand or the foot has the onychomycosis, which affects the external appearance.

The fingernail deck shrinks and becomes black, the surface is uneven, and even the deck placement affects the nail beauty.

Hazard 2: Patients with onychomycosis are subject to corresponding restrictions of discrimination. People with onychomycosis will encounter many types of work restrictions, especially those that show their appearance and require strict hygiene, such as catering, nursing, reception, etc.These jobs are not with you.

Hazard 3: I can’t do anything that I can do with my hands in my hands.

At work, such as writing, typing, etc., affect accuracy and accuracy.

Hazard 4: Onychomycosis is caused by infection prevention, and the fracture is extremely susceptible to infection.

In addition to self-infection, the family will be transmitted directly (such as by touching nails) or indirectly.

The hand is a common part of the body in life. If one of the family members has onychomycosis, it may be transmitted to the whole family.

Hazard 5: Onychomycosis is expressed as a feeling of inferiority in interpersonal relationships.

I dare not shake hands for people and people. The girls who love beauty don’t dare to wear sandals in the summer, especially the embarrassment, not to mention the close and intimate movements.

Harmful six: Onychomycosis is easy to cause various skin splitting infections, forming skin diseases such as hand, foot and ankle, body lice, and femoral hernia.

Female obese nail fungus, if not treated in time, does not pay attention to hygiene can be transmitted into gynecological diseases such as syphilis, damage to the body.

The correct treatment method for onychomycosis can be gently scraped off with a sharp blade. It can be disinfected by a doctor-configured drug. It can also be used to infiltrate the drug solution with a cotton ball smaller than the diseased nail, instead of keeping it moist on the diseased nail, so that the drug penetrates into the disease.Deep, until there is pain, then remove the cotton ball, repeated several times, generally need treatment for 1 to 3 months, you can cure.

Active treatment of the first hand rubs and athlete’s foot is the key to the care of onychomycosis.

Once infected with hyperthyroidism, hand rubs and athlete’s foot should be treated while treating hyperthyroidism.

Patients must be patient during the treatment period of hyperthyroidism.

At the time of treatment, attention should be paid to the treatment of onychomycosis. The drug is very irritating, and care should be taken to protect the normal skin around the diseased nail.

Expert advice: women with onychomycosis, skin disease, hand and foot spasm are not suitable for nail art.

The time of manicure should not be too transitional, and every procedure should be cautious. The professional disinfection of the appliance is very important.

Computer family needs to blink 15 times a minute

Computer family needs to blink 15 times a minute

While computers have changed our lives, many people’s vision has changed quietly in front of the monitor.

Computer injury is already an indisputable fact.

According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, 90% of people who work more than three hours a day in front of a computer have problems with their eyes. The symptoms are: dry eyes, headache, irritability, fatigue,Focus on concentration.

And in addition to eating and sleeping every day, almost always face the white-collar workers of the computer, how to deal with it?

  The screen of a visual killer computer is made up of small fluorescent dots that are flickering. To be clear, we need to constantly adjust our eyes.

We don’t feel it ourselves, but it’s real. It’s easy to get tired when our eyes adapt to it.

When typing, the eyes should constantly be presented, the screen, the keyboard change, the focus and distance of the eyes are constantly adjusted, and the eyes will feel tired.

  PSP, mobile phones, even on the shaking bus, on the crowded subway, even in the elevator, the tide of others not forget to play with the PSP, iPod or MP4, play games, watch movies, plus the habit of staring at mobile phone madnessPressing the text message and keeping a close eye on the narrow screen for a long time is also easy for people to feel tired.

  Contact lenses Our corneas breathe in directly from the air, and now they are covered with a layer of “light yarn” that absorbs less oxygen.

Moreover, contact lenses are, after all, foreign objects placed on the cornea, and every movement of the eye causes a certain friction between the contact lens and the surface of the eyeball.

Therefore, continuous or continuous alignment of the contact lens will cause the cornea to be in a state of continuous hypoxia, causing edema and erosion of the corneal epithelium.

If bacteria or viruses are present, it can cause corneal ulcers and even form corneal ulcers.

  Long driving eyes staring at the front, the spirit is highly nervous, this is the experience of the peak driving family every morning and evening.

With the viaduct, the in and out of the tunnel and so on can just make the eyes full of glare at all angles.

Although not enough to drive fatigue, the eyes are already very tired.

  Mental stress due to bad mood, excessive stress, broken immune balance and excessive eye strength will directly affect the normal operation of the eye.

This is because when the human body is nervous, worried and depressed, the secretion of the pituitary gland and the adrenal hormone will be relatively reduced. Therefore, the binocular vision production and visual information processing functions are at a low level, which will directly lead to the crystal and the eye.Muscle contraction and diastolic steps are not coordinated.

  Main features: dry eye syndrome: some people have a tear secretion of 0!

  Symptoms: If you face the computer every day, there is eye soreness, fear of light, foreign body sensation, excessive secretions, etc., then you should be vigilant, because you have a major possibility of suffering from dry eye syndrome.

  Expert analysis: Huang Jianning, chief physician of the Department of Ophthalmology, Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University, told the reporter that in the past, most of the middle-aged women who were suffering from “dry eye syndrome” were over 40 years old. Due to the fluctuation of estrogen levels in the body, the lacrimal gland may be invaded.The dry syndrome of exocrine glands such as glycosides is characterized by dry mouth and eyes.

Nowadays, the age of dry eye is getting younger and younger. The first priority is to use excessive eyes.

  The reason why normal human eyes can maintain black and white water, in addition to its own special organizational structure, is inseparable from the moisturizing and protective effects of tears.

The wetness of our eyes is generally blinking. Under normal circumstances, we blink about 15 times a minute, but when we look at the computer, we often forget to blink because of too much concentration, resulting in excessive evaporation of tears.

  How to judge whether you are normal vision fatigue or dry eye syndrome.

First, a tear secretion test and a tear film rupture time test will be performed after going to the hospital.

“The young people who came here, some tear secretions turned out to be 0!

Director Huang Jianning said that the normal standard is 10-15 mm for 5 minutes.

  However, many patients will have doubts. “I obviously have tears. When I watch a movie, I will shed tears when I am emotional. Sometimes I have to cry in the wind. How can I not have tear secretion?

“, Director Huang Jianning explained that people have two sets of lacrimal glands, mainly lacrimal glands and vice lacrimal glands.

The secretion of tears during the day acts to moisten the conjunctiva and cornea of the eyeball, while when the person sleeps, the secretion of tears is stopped, which is the basic secretion, which is secreted by the accessory lacrimal gland in the general physiological condition and without stimulation.

The main lacrimal gland is responsible for the reflexive tearing, mood swings or stimulated by the cold wind, which can cause the main lacrimal gland to secrete.

  Relatively wearing a contact lens, it is easy to cause the sensitivity of the corneal surface to decrease, so that the secretion of tear fluid is reduced, and it is relatively easy to have dry eye syndrome.

  Retinal reflex: Young high myopia patients also need to be alert to the symptoms: one day, the visual acuity drops sharply, and the eyes seem to have a black curtain gradually covered, and finally the entire eye’s field of vision is covered.

This is the retina replacement that is very fast.

It is more likely to occur in people with high myopia (above 600 degrees) and those with traumatic eyes.

  Expert analysis: As more and more patients with myopia, retinopathy is more and more, Director Huang Jianning told reporters that in the outpatient clinic, she also received some students in school, the degree of myopia is relatively high, plusCaused by predisposing factors such as mental stress.

  If retinal detachment has occurred, it can only be treated surgically.

However, it is not advisable to do heavy physical work or participate in intense sports afterwards. It is not advisable to carry heavy objects and avoid collision with the eyes or head.It is recommended that patients with high myopia have an eye exam every year.

  Can’t see clearly that other diseases are “alarms”.

Intracranial hemorrhage: Director Huang Jianning told reporters that she had received a case of college students, and suddenly one day I felt that there was a ghost in seeing things.

  After eliminating the damage to the fundus, the expert suggested that she do a CT, and found that there was vascular rupture bleeding in the skull, the amount of bleeding was relatively small, and the oppression was oppressed to the optic nerve, which made her feel blurred vision.

Fortunately, blurred vision also reminded her to check early, the degree of vascular rupture is serious, leading to major bleeding, the consequences will be unimaginable.


Diabetes: Diabetic retinopathy is one of the common and serious complications of diabetes, and the prevalence is about 25%-50% in urban diabetic patients.

  People with newly diagnosed diabetes will have transient myopia.

Because of the sudden rise in blood sugar, the osmotic pressure is high, which causes the lens of the eye to swell, and the change in refractive index causes blurred vision.

But once blood sugar is restored, vision will recover.

Many people do not know that they have diabetes, and they do not have the habit of checking blood sugar every year, leading to long-term concealment of diabetes. After many years of treatment, they found retinal hemorrhage in the fundus, and found that diabetic retinopathy was found after blood glucose was detected.


Cervical spondylosis: White-collar workers and people with slender and stressed heads work more or less with cervical problems.

Similarly, the eyes are blurred, the eyes have a feeling of pain, and there is a possibility that the cervical disc is protruding.

Because the cervical disc protrudes, it may compress the vertebral artery nervous system, causing deformation of the optic nerve edema.

This type is a relatively serious cervical spondylosis.

  How to prevent more eyes from seeing more than eye drops, do not put the computer on the window, avoiding the light source from shining above the head to cause reflection, resulting in the computer screen is not clear.

  Second, the height of the top of the computer screen is slightly lower than the eye level of the eye. The most ideal position is that the center of the computer screen should be about 20 degrees below the eye line of sight.

  Third, the computer screen and eyes should be 60 cm away.

  Fourth, often rub your eyes to increase the secretion of tears, to achieve the effect of moisturizing the eyes.

Look at the computer screen every 10 hours should rest for 10-15 minutes, if you can close your eyes, you can reach a complete rest.

  Similarly, the muscles of the eyes also need to exercise. In the morning and afternoon of the day, they blink more and look far away, constantly letting the crystals relax and contract.

Or do eye exercises.

Put your hands on the eye and put it on the eyeball to have a blood circulation function.

  Fifth, if the eyes are easy to dry, you can add artificial tears.

However, it is important to note that most single-packages contain preservatives, preferably no more than three times a day.

  Six, pay attention to light stimulation.

Many white-collar workers like to play games at night. In order to not affect others, they often need to turn off the lights. The computer screen light directly stimulates the eyeballs, which is very harmful to the eyes.

  Seven, the office tea, you can add some chrysanthemum tea, tea, green tea, cassia tea and so on.

Contact lenses cannot be placed in the following situations:

When you have a cold.

Because of the large amount of virus on the hand when you have a cold, the virus is easy to get into your eyes when you wear glasses.

In addition, many anti-cold, antitussive and analgesic drugs contain anti-shear components, tear secretion is reduced, replacement contact lenses are too dry, reduced, and slender affects vision.


Menstrual period.

Because women are in the menstrual period and the first few days of menstruation, the intraocular pressure is often higher than usual, and the eyeballs are also more prone to congestion, especially women with dysmenorrhea, when wearing contact lenses, causing adverse effects on the eyeballs.



Due to changes in female hormone secretion during pregnancy, the amount of overlap in the body has also changed, the eyelids are somewhat swollen, and the cornea becomes thicker, especially in the 3 months after pregnancy, the thickening is more obvious, and it will be matched with normal.Contact lenses do not match, causing eye discomfort.

  4.When immunity is reduced.

Therefore, when the local resistance of the eye is reduced, the secretion of tears is reduced, the bacteria will multiply, and the metabolic products of bacteria are deposited between the cornea and the lens, causing the oxygen permeability of the contact lens to decrease, and the normal metabolism of the cornea is disturbed, thereby causing bacteriality.Corneal ulcers.

Be cautious when wearing colored contact lenses.

Because there are many colors inside the color film, the light is not normally transmitted to the eyes, and the special lens structure is more airtight than the ordinary contact lens, which is harmful to the eyes.

  Laser surgery is not for everyone. Every time you go to the entrance exam, there are a lot of young people who go to the hospital for excimer laser surgery.

Some people even think that it doesn’t matter if the eyesight is poor. Anyway, surgery can be done before.

But if you don’t love your eyes, you may not even have the chance to have surgery.

  Molecular laser correction and other corneal refractive surgery have a certain range of adaptation.

Usually, myopia is 100-1500 degrees, but patients must not be less than 18 years old, and myopia should be relatively stable for more than two years, and the annual change is preferably less than 50 degrees.

People with certain eye diseases or systemic diseases cannot perform excimer laser surgery, which is clinically divided into absolute contraindications and relative contraindications.

  There are three main types of absolute contraindications: 1, keratoconus, glaucoma, severe dry eye and active diseases of the eye; 2. severe amblyopia patients with poor vision; 3, systemic diseases that affect wound healing, such as diabetes, themselvesImmune diseases, etc.

  Commonly used computer degrees can be slightly lighter. Some people often have eyesight because they have better eyesight, so they are not willing to wear glasses.

But this is equivalent to wearing a pair of high heels and one foot to wear flat shoes. It is very unfavorable, and it is easy to drag the eyes with better vision.

  When you are working on a computer for a long time, especially if you want to work 4 or 5 hours in front of the screen, you are advised to wear a shallow number of glasses.

This can be used less to reduce the visual fatigue.

Want to moisturize the skin and eat more vitamin A food

Want to moisturize the skin and eat more vitamin A food

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for the body and can maintain skin health.

Vitamin A can regulate the metabolism of the epidermis and stratum corneum, protect the epidermis, mucous membrane, make bacteria not easy to invade, transform and moisturize the skin, maintain normal skin lipid secretion and prevent acne.

Therefore, vitamin A supplementation can solve the problem of dry skin.

  1, carrots and carrots have the effect of moisturizing the skin, known as “skin food.”

Its vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E can cause skin to produce antibodies that prevent sun radiation and harmful substances in the air.

Containing beta carotene, it can resist oxidation and whiten skin; it can protect the structure of epithelial cells and its function, help maintain the normal function of skin cells, reduce skin wrinkles, keep skin delicate and moisturized;Excess keratin, it also has a calming and soothing effect on greasy acne skin.

  In addition, carrots are rich in pectin substances, which can be combined with mercury to help the body remove harmful substances. It has obvious effects of delaying skin aging and enhancing skin elasticity, making the skin look more delicate and rosy.

  2, broccoli broccoli contains protein, sugar, traces, vitamins and carrots, the first ingredient in the same category of vegetables, known as the “vegetable crown.”

  Broccoli contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C and carotene, which can enhance the skin’s ability to resist damage and help maintain skin elasticity and oil secretion.

  3, sweet potato sweet potato is rich in vitamin A, can activate skin cells, fight dry problems, make skin oil secretion normal, is a great food for beauty skin care.

  Sweet potatoes also moisturize the skin, making the rough skin smooth.

Sweet potatoes, like other slippery vegetables, contain nourishing, strong-acting mucins and various enzymes.

The cellular functions of these components are activated to promote metabolism.

These functions can be digested, promote digestion, and improve skin roughness caused by constipation.

  4, yam yam contains a lot of vitamin A, starch and protein, crude protein amino acids, etc., among which the important nutrients vitamin A can maintain the normal secretion of oil and make the skin glow.

In addition, the yam soap in Chinese yam is a precursor of synthetic female hormones, which has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing yang and enhancing metabolism.

Long-term consumption of yam can enhance immune function, delay cell aging, and nourish the skin.

  5, tomatoes and tomatoes are even delicious, and have a higher cosmetic value.

It contains vitamins A, B, C, especially vitamin A, which has a very good balance of oils and fats; vitamin C can make the skin white and shiny, clean, whitening and calming; contains high minerals such as iron,Magnesium, calcium, etc., which are still rare in other plant foods.

Eat tomatoes often, can make blood and benefit the gods, make the skin soft and tender, and the face is rosy.

Must know: have a healthy diet slimming principle

Must know: have a healthy diet slimming principle

We all know a very simple truth. The rich knowledge is carefully exchanged. The happy family is exchanged sincerely. The successful cause is exchanged by hard work. The healthy physiology is also the exchange of hard work.


hzh {display: none; }  世界上的一切都是交换而来的,天下没有白吃的午餐。In the same way, healthy weight loss is also a matter of real life and exchange of healthy living patterns.

  The key to healthy weight loss wants to lose weight healthily. It can only be exchanged through a healthy lifestyle. There are no other shortcuts.

We all know that the disease is from the mouth, and the disease is from the mouth.

  Therefore, a healthy lifestyle is the first to eat, a healthy diet can create our healthy body and mind, and also keep us away from the pain of suffering and the joy of health.

  Among the three elements of healthy weight loss, the first healthy diet, supplemented by healthy exercise, and finally a healthy lifestyle with balanced emotions.

Through continuous practice, these good lifestyles will become our healthy habits for life.

In this way, not only healthy weight management is easy, but healthy physiology is often accompanied.

  Healthy weight loss diet Since healthy weight loss first health diet, then some kind of diet is considered healthy?

After many medical research and years of experience, we have learned that the more natural and less processed diet therapy is healthier, the more balanced and light the diet is, the more beneficial it is to return to nature.

  A healthy diet consists of two aspects – quality and quantity. Not only must we have good quality, but also moderate amount.

After mastering the quality and quantity of the diet, we still need to pay attention to eating at the right time, so that the body can best digest and utilize the food that comes in.

  Dietary Reference Principle 1 for healthy weight loss.

A healthy diet creates our healthy body and mind.


The natural diet is best.


Light and balanced is the healthiest.


Regular meals (seven full), do not let yourself go hungry or full.


The new four types of food are the most healthy (vegetables, fruits, beans, whole shells).


The water should be sufficient and the metabolism will be good.


The mouth is slow to swallow and the most is easy to fill (per mouth is best to chew more than 20 times).


Savor the true joy.


Healthy weight loss daily dose of 1200 kcal.


A high-fiber diet gives you a feeling of fullness, and your bowel movements are not annoying.

(Note: The above should still be properly corrected according to the personal body quality) Weight loss diet: 1.

Vegetables, fruits: about one fist, about 5 servings a day, but eat more (as long as it is not too oily or too sweet).


Starch: such as rice, noodles, rice flour, bread, taro, steamed buns, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc. are starchy foods, about 2 bowls per day, can reduce the amount, but should not eat.
Protein: animal protein, such as meat, fish, protein, etc., should not exceed two palms in one day; vegetable protein, such as soy products – dried bean curd, tofu, etc., also about two palms, can be used to replace animalsSexual protein.


Milk: Available, but choose high calcium (low) fat, and about 300cc per day.


Grease: Eat less fried, or greasy diet, if you can not eat, do not eat.


Snacks and sweets: the best partner for obesity, so don’t touch it without touching it, don’t test your willpower.

  In the process of weight loss, as long as we have worked hard and used the right method, we can certainly be happy to harvest!

Q & A: Can a lactating woman lose weight?

Q & A: Can a lactating woman lose weight?

The most suitable way for women to lose weight must be the most healthy and scientific, otherwise it will affect the mother itself, and then indirectly affect the baby, especially the lactating mother, but also pay attention, so it is important to choose a scientific way to lose weight.


hzh {display: none; }  首先,药物和节食减肥是不可取的,只有运动减肥才是最健康的方式,但是怎么运动以及运动的方式和强度,都必须是合理的。At present, the best is to walk and lose weight. The best exercise during pregnancy is walking and walking. After the postpartum physical recovery stage, the best exercise is still walking. It is best to wear physical training shoes. Because it is negative, it will improve pregnancy after wearing.Caused by pelvic anteversion, hips and abdomen, forming a tall and straight posture, so that exercise dead angle – lower abdomen to exercise, can also promote interaction and peristalsis, increase the number of bowel movements, is currently the best health care method of postpartum body shaping, beneficial to the bodyharmless.

It can be used after walking normally. The sooner you use it, the better the effect, and the long-term persistence can effectively alleviate postpartum low back pain.

  Note: Postpartum weight loss should be early, after surgery can walk down the ground, the initial period should not be the sport, especially caesarean section women; should be used in conjunction with the abdominal belt, can compensate for the lack of abdominal muscle strength, but not too tight.

  You can do a simulation experience: barefoot, narrow the front foot pad by 20 mm, and feel the effect of lifting the hips and abdomen. The longer the experience, the better.

  Also pay attention to a reasonable diet: eat less meals, eat a few meals each time, but do not eat too much every meal; chew slowly, give the stomach a reaction time.

Gradually shrink the stomach.

Don’t eat too much greasy stuff at night, it is easy to accumulate slightly.

The old Chinese medicine left a small health care!

It is best to back down!

The old Chinese medicine left a small health care!
It is best to back down!

[1]Everything vegetables and health treasures, the diet is varied by you.

Cabbage diuretic toxins, cucumber weight loss is effective.

Radish digests the spleen and stomach, and the mushroom inhibits the polymer.

Heat-clearing and detoxifying dentate, salt vinegar, anti-virus and anti-inflammatory.

The leek is warm and appetizing, and it can warm the kidneys and warm the knees.

Eating loofah in the summer, celery can lower blood pressure.

Melon is good for lowering blood sugar, and onion ginger hot soup cures colds.

Peanuts can lower cholesterol, and pears are better after eating pears.

△[two]auricular anti-cancer sputum, lotus roots in addition to troubles to solve the wine.

Fish, shrimp, pig’s trotters, milk, chicken, sheep, liver and liver.

Hawthorn lose weight in addition to kidney gas, yam Yishen hypoglycemia.

The sausage is easy to eat pig blood, short and weak to eat yam.

Nutritious and rich carrots, often eat the body is not old.

The purple eggplant has a wind and a meridian, and the egg is highly nutritious.

I often eat melon seeds and beauty, and eat more sesame anti-aging.

Persimmon cough and heart and lungs, hangover and hangover have a coup.

△[three]spleen and qi and qi grape, autumn food is not old.

Spicy garlic killing bacteria, inhibiting cancer kiwi.

Kelp prevents leukemia, and it is also good to remove fat.

Red bean detoxification medical hemorrhoids, mung bean relief heat cool.

Aloe vera is used in elderly constipation, and women’s beauty is not easy to be old.

White chrysanthemum eyesight and flat liver, yellow chrysanthemum tea to heat up.

High pressure and low pressure chives, bleeding from the bottom of the eye.

Golden needle flower buds cure yellow pox, fresh and cool fire, good money.

△[four]radish phlegm clear flatulence, melon beans swelling and diuretic.

Jujube qi and nourishing blood, porridge and jujube skin is good.

Shengjin Anshen is a ebony, and the lungs are eaten with walnuts.

Bananas are used to relieve stomach fires, and onions, garlics, and poisonous mosquitoes do not bite.

Prevention of stroke, seaweed, brain and blood vessel potatoes are good.

Eczema itching with pepper, often eat onions in addition to lesions.

Spinach contains iron and blood medicine to prevent anemia and anti-aging.

The whole body is a treasure, and the longevity can not be separated.

△[five]old people do not forget to eat sweet potatoes, laxative anti-cancer has a miraculous effect.

Clearing away heat and detoxifying to eat fragrant sputum, spleen and qi effect is good.

Stick to the regular eating of tomatoes, the black spotted finch naturally disappear.

Fitness benefits body figs, fruit leaves have high medicinal value.Sore throat, soaked in tea, hemorrhoids, anal and fumigation.

Antitussive and licking melon, edema and nephritis are also treated.

Pumpkin anti-inflammatory and qi, health and rickets are very good.

It is also a good idea to keep eating bean dregs and prevent cancer.

△ send you 50 health common sense 1, cold should not drink Kudingcha.

2, those with high plasma eat less salmon.

3, excessive meat consumption may be harmful to the body.

4, the beginning of the fracture should not drink bone soup.

5, often drink soy milk is good for health.

6, soy milk should not be mixed with brown sugar eggs.

7, liquor should not replace cooking wine to cook.

8, deep breathing may be detrimental to the health of the elderly.

9, the elderly morning training should be advanced food.

10, drink a cup of milk after exercise.

△ 11, drink plenty of water to prevent kidney stones.

12, adequate sleep is good for health.

13, poor mood can lead to stomach problems.

14. Employees should not eat lunch at the office.

15, a nap helps prevent coronary heart disease.

16, medication should not be added sugar.

17, the sun is good for the sun.

18, the bedroom window is left to help sleep.

19, it is not advisable to open the window in the morning.

20, bleeding gums should replace the toothbrush as soon as possible.

△ 21, it is not advisable to get up immediately when you get up.

22, it is best not to beat the sun quilt.

23, fasting should not drink honey.

24, drink salt water and drink honey late.

25, cold water wash face benefits.

26, brush your teeth should use warm water.

27, hot water should be used for washing your feet.

28, cold feet are easy to catch a cold.

29, dry mouth food can prevent brain aging.

30, Alice’s legs will affect health.

△ 31, often combing hair is good for health.

32, continuous smile is good for health.

33, tolerating tears is equal to chronic suicide.

34. It is good to bite your teeth when you urinate.

35, fermented yogurt is best after two hours of dinner.

36, it is best to drink boiled water after drinking milk.37, drinking afternoon tea is good for enhancing memory.

38, early in sports injuries should be treated “cold”.

39, walking the right amount can make the brain younger.

40, walking is beneficial to the health of middle-aged and elderly people.

△ 41, eating seafood should not drink beer.

42, eating fish can keep the blood vessels young.

43, fishbone card throat is not suitable for vinegar treatment.

44, meals should not be “hot”.

45, eat more black food to kidney.

46, the benefits of eating more corn.

47, should not eat open sugar fried millet millet.

48, it is not advisable to eat eggs when you have a fever.

49, tea eggs should not be eaten.

50, apple nutrition is comprehensive.

These foods are causing your stomach to be hurt.

These foods are causing your stomach to be hurt.

In the diet, any kind of food is good for us.

But the result of eating the two foods is different.

Potatoes plus beef can affect the digestion of the stomach, and eating oranges with milk can cause bloating.

These food combinations make the stomach very hurt.

Do you know that there are still some foods that will hurt your stomach?

. Several kinds of foods will hurt the stomach, potatoes, roast beef, potatoes, roast beef, should be a dish that many families often do, so why is the combination of the two is also an unscientific method?

This is because the concentration of gastric acid required for these two kinds of foods is different, which will inevitably prolong the retention time of the food in the stomach, thereby prolonging the digestion and absorption time of the stomach and increasing the burden of obesity.

  Milk and oranges are eaten with acidic fruits such as oranges and oranges, or oranges just after drinking milk. The protein in milk is invisibly combined with the acidity of vitamins and vitamin C to solidify into pieces.This will affect digestion and absorption, and it will also cause abdominal distension and abdominal pain.

  Banana yogurt yogurt can lower cholesterol.

Drinking yoghurt on an empty stomach is too strong due to the acidity in the stomach. Lactic acid bacteria are difficult to survive in the gastric juice, reducing the health effects of yoghurt.

Eating with bananas is not good for your health.

  The aldonic acid residue in the trotters soybean bean supplement fiber can synthesize the chelate with the minerals in the trotters while interfering with or reducing the absorption of these elements by the human body and also damaging the stomach.

  High-protein diet plus strong tea Some people like to eat a lot of meat, seafood, shellfish and other high-protein foods, often alternating strong tea, mistakenly think that you can remove sorghum with strong tea, clear heart and help digestion.

In fact, on the contrary, the combination of the sinter acid in the tea and the protein produces a convergent implanted acid protein.

The digestive system, the excretion channel is insufficient, the large and small insertions are slowed down, and the internal retention time of the feces is prolonged. This is one of the factors that cause constipation, and also increases the risk of toxic substances and carcinogens being absorbed by the body.

Bathing health lies in ventilation

Bathing health lies in “ventilation”

Chinese medicine believes that different “qi” in the human body maintains the functioning of organs and regulates their functions. If the “qi” is not well circulated, it will affect the function of the human body.
External factors such as exercise, stress, and light can bring positive stimulation to the body, making the body’s “qimai” smooth and achieving the effect of health.
  To ventilate the pulse, you have to have a high-quality hand shower with adjustable water mode, which is the key to shower health.
Use 5 minutes every day in the shower process, use the shower to adjust the different water flow to stimulate the body’s acupuncture points and internal organs, can pass the pulse, relieve the pain, and this method is simple and easy in people’s lives.
  Alternating showers with hot and cold water can help promote blood circulation, but it must be hot and then cold. The hot water can relax the blood vessels on the surface of the skin and relax the muscles, helping to relax. When the body is warm enough, it can be cold water bath.Crunch blood vessels and promote blood circulation, excite the spirit and body.
  Shower massage must be done after washing the body.
When you proceed, first adjust the water temperature a little, and at the same time strengthen the water flow intensity, use a massage water flow to do a full body massage, relax muscles and ligaments, and focus on muscle tension or sore ligaments.
After the whole body has been warmed up with hot water, you can try a cold water massage.
Cold water massage should be gradual, do not immediately put the whole body under the cold water flow, you should start from the face, feet or hands, and then slowly lead to the chest.
If it is difficult to accept cold water, just shower from foot to knee and from hand to elbow. Move up a little every day and slowly adapt.

What is the Chinese herbal medicine for preventing obesity?

What is the Chinese herbal medicine for preventing obesity?

In ancient times, obesity was not considered to be a disease, so there is no direct description of the function of weight loss in Chinese herbal medicine. However, many drugs in the literature have the effect of “slimming”
and “eliminating fat meat”, which hasCertain positive significance.

Here is a little something: 1.

Khumbu tastes salty and cold, into the liver, stomach, kidney, and has a soft and firm knot, eliminating the effects of water and water.

“Therapeutic Materia Medica” records: “Under the gas, long-wearing thin people.”

Modern research has shown that kelp contains laminin, which is a polysaccharide. Its low degree of sulfate is similar to heparin and has the effect of eliminating blood lipids.

It contains a variety of minerals, trace elements can reduce the deposition of human implanted animals on the heart, blood vessels, and intestinal walls.

Experiments show that obese people eat 1-1 for 1 month.

5 kg of kelp, can achieve the desired weight loss.

Moreover, if the body lacks iodine, it will cause insufficient thyroid secretion, which will reduce the basal metabolic rate of the body. Severe iodine deficiency can cause low levels of energy production and cause obesity.

Kelp has a better effect on obesity caused by hypothyroidism.


Seaweed tastes salty and cold, into the liver, stomach, kidney, especially good and soft, strong water.

“Therapeutic Materia Medica” says that it is “skinny, unacceptable.”

Seaweed has a hypolipidemic effect, and a mixture made of seaweed and amphetamine is an appetite suppressant that can alleviate obesity without causing insomnia.


Red bean is sweet and flat, into the spleen, heart, small intestine, has a better diuretic swelling, detoxification.

Tao Hongjing said: “Sexually digestive fluid, long-term food is boring.

“Therapeutic Materia Medica” also said: “Long time to eat thin people.

“Applying Chixiaodou to lose weight is especially effective for excessive disease with edema.


The lotus leaf is sweet and sweet, and it is a good drug for relieving heat.

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” quotes the “Certificate of the Procuratorate” cloud: “The lotus leaf suits it, it is thin.

Someone used dried lotus leaves to decoction daily for tea, or porridge, and even served for 3 months, the weight was significantly reduced.


Winter melon is sweet and slightly cold, which is beneficial to urinary dispelling, clearing heat and detoxifying, and has better weight loss effect.

“Therapeutic Materia Medica” said: “If you cook it, you can refine the five internal organs, and you want to get fat, don’t eat it, and let it go.

If you want to be thin and light, you can eat very healthy people.

“And said: “Don’t eat cold people, it is slimming.

“Because obese people have more internal heat, melon is hot and helps to lose weight. It can be taken in large quantities for a long time.


Tea is one of the world’s three major beverages, with clear heads, in addition to polydipsia, phlegm, digestion, diuretic effects.

The Tang Dynasty herbalist Chen Zang said: “(tea) bitter cold, long-term food is thin, go to human fat.

Modern research has shown that tea can reduce serum cholesterol concentration and plasma to plasma ratio, and can prevent hyperlipidemia.

The caffeine contained in tea has the effect of exciting central nervous system, which reduces sleep and increases consumption. Caffeine and theophylline also have the effect of diuresis and excitatory metabolism.

It can be seen that the effect of weight loss is the result of a combination of multiple functions.

Domestic Pu’er tea, oolong tea has the best weight loss effect and is known as slimming tea.

Recommended for a variety of therapeutic methods for gonorrhea

Recommended for a variety of therapeutic methods for gonorrhea

What is the therapeutic method for treating gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is a relatively common symptom. When going to gonorrhea, it will affect our health all the time. What is the recipe for gonorrhea? So for everyone’s questions, today we will briefly introduce the gonorrhea.4 kinds of therapeutic methods.

4 kinds of therapeutic methods for gonorrhea 1, talc porridge raw materials: talc 30g, buckwheat 10g, always rice 30?

Production: first talc with a cloth wrapped, and then with the buckwheat into the water to cook, juice, slag, add rice before cooking porridge.

To use: Take it on an empty stomach.

Indications: Indications for gonorrhea are damp heat syndrome.

2, mallow soup raw materials: mallow leaves 200g.

Usage: Cook soup.

Indications: Gonorrhea is a damp heat certificate.

3, Shiwei Tang raw materials: Shi Wei 15g, connecting grass 15g, pig hazel 15g.

Usage: Decoction juice, drink on behalf of tea.

Indications: various types of gonorrhea.

4, Kwai root drink raw materials: 30g of mallow root, 15g of psyllium.

Usage: Decoction juice, on behalf of tea.

Indications: various types of gonorrhea.
After listening to the above introduction, everyone knows some about the problem of lymphatic diet. So we remind patients to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time, because only the scope of the hospital will be more strengthened.Safety, finally, I wish everyone a speedy recovery!